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Monday, 4 September 2017

. Position of IPP prisoners should be a national scandal.There are fewer than 800 spaces left in prisons but the government is 'publicly ignoring the IPP problem. Do you want to highlight YOUR personal IPP story,look for email or link under comments...

 HM Prisons,100% Offending Behaviour Course passes - but not for IPP prisoners. This proves conclusively there is NO rehabilitation in prison.

Tick box courses

800 spaces left in prisons. Staff shortages are leading to unrest

Phil Wheatley, former director-general of the now defunct National Offender Management Service, told The Guardian: prisons are in crisis and haven’t got enough staff to manage the planned population, let alone the equivalent of a couple of big prisons full of extra prisoners.
On 31 July and 1 August 2017, HMP The Mount in Hertfordshire saw riots break out. These were accompanied by reports that the unrest began because prisoners had been in their third week of lock down. The 24-hour lock down meant prisoners were “not being allowed out to shower or make phone calls”.This situation resulted from a lack of staff. HMP The Mount had just 20 guards on duty for a prison containing more than 1,000 inmates.
HMP Erlestoke, a riot broke out after several days of increasing unrest. We saw both HMP Birmingham and HMP Swaleside on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, experience intense rioting. Across all three cases, staff shortages were pointed out as central to the outbreaks.

End indeterminate sentences

A solution to reduce prisoner numbers dramatically is available. At present, there are nearly 3,500 inmates on Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) sentences. These indeterminate sentences mean the individual has no specified release date. As a result, many are over their initial tariff; in September 2016, this figure was 87%.
IPP sentencing was created in 2005 and abolished in 2012 after the European Court of Human Rights ruled it “unlawful”. This ruling was not retrospectively applied though, meaning existing IPP prisoners remain incarcerated. Today, many are years beyond their original tariff. James Ward was sentenced to 10 months and remains in jail more than 11 years later. And there are thousands more like him.
Jails are in crisis. And while MoJ ministers “seem to be publicly ignoring the problem and doing nothing except issue cheery press releases”, there is a clear path forwards. The release of IPP prisoners could play a huge role in easing a crisis engulfing the prison system.



Prisonstorm Do you want to highlight your personal IPP secure server: R/T please.

David   Justice Secretary is ultimately accountable as other other ministers, that is responsible for making sure we respond and react to reports. They should be acting on the ipp prisoners situation .

prisoners are lost in the system just imagine no release date, days, weeks, months, years just passing by its wrong. IPP  I hope it's not to long before all IPP are free this injustice has gone on long enough. There wouldn't be as much profit from prisoners if the system was actually doing what it was supposed too. More prisoners more profit simple maths
Amethyst    I've said it before kept behind bars for 'what ifs' they could do that to anyone of us. All the time becoming more institutionalised or worse give up completely.
 Mohammed  What are you doing about IPP prisoners? As a former government minister you have an obligation.
Jane When I first saw the headline on the BBC I thought this miscarriage of justice was taking place in a country where the rule of law meant less than nothing. I was dismayed to discover that this is happening in England.
Buchanan Prisoners families who liveIPP have spoken most eloquently or IPP but now the media decide to get on it.
Unnamed  It seems clear to me that when considered recommendations should be followed up parole office.  .  We must do so in a timely fashion: And that justice sectary look at the familys  significant concern with  urgent attention.
Smith You’re in a tunnel with no light”:
IPP Always the way we've not become known as the uks forgotten prisoners for no reason we keep being swept under the carpet :( prisoners will benefit from a in cell phone they can't afford to use.More prisoners more profit simple maths

      Get Involved!

Sign the petition to release IPP prisoners.
Watch the Vice documentary “Jailed for Life for Minor Crimes”.

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