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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Letter from Under Secretary to local MP who even says shouldnt have to complete Offending Management courses so what are Parole Board /Probation Officers playing at?


Postdate Letter  from  Liz Truss to Ann Coffey MP

The former justice secretary quoted in her  letter it is important to remember that it is not mandatory for indeterminate sentence prisoners (ISPS) to complete accredited offending behaviour programmes in order to achieve release then  goes on to say  though intervention  helps reduce prisoners risk?  IPP prisoners over tariff have completed there courses to lower there risk though  this was not  mandatory for them to do so. 


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Hidden prison facts

Freedom of Information

Well, I’ve been perusing the MoJ Freedom of Information releases again and here are three requests about prison published in July 2017 which I found of interest. I hope you do too.


Staff discipline

The final FOI provides information on the total number of prison staff investigated for misconduct, by year, since 2012, broken down by type of misconduct. The total numbers show a drop over the four year period recorded:
A full breakdown of investigation categories (remember these are investigations not proven cases) is provided in the FOI. You can see that breaches of security and performance of duties are the most common.
Also noteworthy to me are:
  • Assault/unnecessary use of force on prisoners                567 over 4 year period
  • Assault on staff                                                                           51 over 4 year period
  • Criminal conviction                                                                  110 over 4 year period
  • Fraud                                                                                             163 over 4 year period
  • Inappropriate relationship with prisoner/ex-prisoner  133 over 4 year period
  • Racial harassment                                                                      111 over 4 year period
  • Sexual harassment/assault                                                      90 over 4 year period
  • Trafficking                                                                                    44 over 4 year period
Although these figures are of interest, it is important to remember that there are over 15,000 prison officers and that most public and no private services are forced to wash this sort of dirty linen in public, so we have no way of comparing standards of behaviour across organisations. That said, it is always important to have some line of sight into what happens within prison walls.

Number of working days lost for stress

Our first FOI lists the numbers of working lost for Band 3-5 Prison Officers (“frontline staff”) in 2015/16 by establishment. The spreadsheet records the total nunber of working days lost set against the average number of officers in that establishment and calculates the average number of working days lost per officer per year.
Overall, these figures are pretty much as bad as you’d expect given the pressure the prison system has been under — a total of 32,092 officer days lost with every officer taking an average of 1.8 days off for stress.
As you might expect, figures vary tremendously between establishments from 0.1 day per year at HMP Bure to 9.1 days at HMP Bristol (that’s right the average officer at Bristol had nearly two weeks off with stress).
Other poor performers were Guys Marsh (7.8), Blantrye House (7.5), and Leicester (6.1).
We can only imagine that the 2016/17 figures are worse.




David Lidington we want them to have self worth, so we destroy their self worth To be responsible, so we take away all responsibility To be part of our community, so we isolate them from the community To be positive and constructive, so we degrade them and make them useless To be non violent, so we put them where there is violence all around To be kind and loving people, so we subject them to hatred and cruelty To quit being tough guys, so we put them where the tough guy is respected To quit hanging around losers, so we put all the losers under one roof To quit exploiting us, so we put them where they exploit each other We want them to take control of their own lives own their own problems and quit being parasites, so we make them totally dependent on us By Judge Dennis Challeen -
Noel We nee a drastic overhaul in sentencing policy, which now lacks both rationality and flexibility, and a justice sectary  unafraid of the popular press.
Hood IPP sentence proves prison doesn't work, doesn't rehabilitate, or they'd have been released on tariff.
Boden ..... "an early release scheme" eh? What about those who are years over tariff??
AC It's an experience I have been through. Abhorrent and unbelievable but in most cases very true. Do not give up hope and keep fighting for his release in every way that you can. He will be free one day hopefully sooner rather than later.
Crooks It's an experience I have been through. Abhorrent and unbelievable but in most cases very true. Do not give up hope and keep fighting for his release in every way that you can. He will be free one day hopefully sooner rather than later.Government cut 40% staff, now desperately re-recruiting, but new ones are inexperienced & prisons deteriorating.Scandal of IPP prisoners serving a living death sentence, but over 1000 have been recalled, mostly for admin reasons. Injustice not justice.
Timpson The oldest person in a U.K. Prison today is 102 years old. What does this achieve?
Allen I love visit day but hate  after. It's knowing that his reality's a 12x6 room, people shouting all night & the despair of it all. is this spread between (roughly) the 126 prisons in the UK? So on average 19 new staff members per prison by end of 2018?

IPP In 2005 I was unjustly given a 5 yr ipp served 12 had no defence my legal team let me down, I then spent 12 yrs trying convince everyone I wasn't a danger to anyone. Makes me laugh how the IPPs are  being rush out the door now, now that everyone's realized the injustice of it all. Imagine that 400 new recruits in one jail sure you can c what's going on here with hmps latetest figures on recruitment. Hate to have to sound so negative about what's going on inside prisons but the government have to take blame for letting it get so run down. I see the latest news on recruitment by hmps when is the public going to realize it's all to little to late HM PRISONS r lost it's all 2 late.My solicitor who handled my case  seemed to think it was fine that I only had one legal visit pre trial. What I could never work out was on the basis of a one year sentence at age of 41 an attm robbery charge at 42 would warrant a 99 YEAR sent.  At the end of the we all I hated and disputed was the label of danger to society. Like I said earlier parole boards used to tell me I needed to consolidate what I've learnt , then a new course would come out then I do that a then another.....It's amazing how many people had the same treatment as me at their sentencing court when they got their ipps, no defence jnr councel no chance.Glad to see ipp is still top of agenda and the sheer unfairness of it .I know hundreds of cases like James wards, inmates getting bullied then misbehaving to get put down the block all caught in a vicious cycle. Oh one other thing my one and only NVG cost £500 my instructor at HMP Bludeston filled it in for us , I laugh now imagine if I was unemployed. Just for amusement  certificate oh well I'm good for cleaning toilets see D3. About my certificates I wasn't being critical for critical sake money better spent if they taught u something thing useful outside prison .
St Giles trust are really started to wear me down had nothing but promises of what they can do for me nothing ever materializes , honestly !Why r there so many so called. charities who claim to help cons when u scratch beneath surface they actually do nothing except line pocket.
So the government don't lose face now is the perfect time to let prisoners out without negative public opinion. Why is it for the last 12 months every time there is disorder the MOJs response goes back to their default answer "we r employing 2,500" new. 

I  thought my day would never come getting knocked back for issues that had nothing to do with my risk.

FCA was created by Blunkett for purely political rather than public safety reasons. He should be ashamed.
HM prison defence IPP was created by Blunkett for purely political rather than public safety reasons. He should be ashamed.

Dee Your family give up on you" - the man originally jailed for two-and-a-half years but whose sentence won't end until well after he dies.

Sab It's madness, every person with IPP sentence should either be released immediately or given a date for release.
mike As the wife of a serving officer, I can tell you it is slowly destroying my husband and his colleagues! They (management) don't care!
Pepper Martin Jones surely releasing an IPP who does not pose a serious risk is not 'courageous' it's doing the job?
Shaw Once again, no interviews from any Justice Minister or Justice Secretary on turmoil within prisons & pointed criticisms by Andrea Albutt
Ian Ex-Ministers need to take responsibility for the mess they create
In 2005 I was unjustly given a 5 yr ipp served 12 had no defence my legal team let me down,I then spent 12 yrs trying convince everyone I wasn't a danger to any
Biamonti For Ian, for my son, for all their families, for all those who have had wasted lives on this terrible, unjust, meaningless, pointless and immoral sentence.
IPP I am shocked every time I hear stories like this. How can they justify this? I thought my son was on an IPP, but it's an EPP order, but he was sentenced to five years in 2007, free'd in 2012, but never truly free. Miss a few probation meetings, back in prison. Last year he was homeless and would not sleep on floor space at a homeless centre, full of drunks and junkies, so they breach him yet again. Now they've added 12 months to his licence. The IPP was abused by the Criminal Justice Service, it was never intended for many of the people who are bound by them.
Mcluckie they don't care about  IPP prisoners or their families that await an they call it justice, the IPP was replaced wit the EPP or so I was told but in my eyes it's still the same they still have to prove that they have changed an trust worthy to b released into the community an how can this b done witout being witin the community it self, glad to here ur son is free from the prison but he isn't a free man fully wit the probation hanging over his head an as u said miss a few an his bk inside fighting all over again, I'm scared for wen am if my son gets out cos no matter wot they the probation say he has to go into a hostel wHen my home is perfectly saFe for him no one smokes no one drinks I live Here with his 10 yr old granddaughter . his ment to have parole this October but now his solicitor is saying go for oral hearing an go from there but now that isn't taking place until March the latest an if 7 yrs over his tariff .
IPP Mate I get that feelin everyday of my life we gotta keep fighting tho none of us killeded anyone so we dont deseve to have our lives taken 2
Smith Prisons are in crisis according to: -- Prison + probation officers -- Inspectorate -- IMBs -- POA -- Howard League etc -- And now governors
Sturge Don't think for one minute those held in prison are not also frustrated their voices cannot be heard over the chants of "It's Prison" ears
Hi Katherine,
                         First of all can i say how amazing i think you are by creating awareness and support for ipp prisoners. I am personally affected by this as my partner has been in 11 years now from a 2 years ipp tariff. I have tried to contact the parole board just to ask them a few questions but they are constantly engaged. Just wanted to know if you could help, when he goes for the parole hearing is it possible he can get straight release or do you have to go to D Cat first. Also i wanted to ask them how many ipp prisoners are they freeing this year as i know there are limits to number allowed out. Do you think these are valid questions. I just feel helpless and want to help him in some way i just hope and pray it goes in our favour.

Thanks, i appreciate you taking the time to read my email. And just hope that this nightmare for all ipp prisoners comes to an end. The families of them are going through hell but were not taken in to consideration.
Thanks again,

Hello Molly, you   have valid questions.  I have heard of IPP prisoners over tariff being released without going to D cat . The amount  released Im sure will be  based on  individual cases' will contact you further by email.

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