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Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Ministry of Justice has continued to refer to model which is assisting IPP prisoners to make progress. We would encourage the Committee to scrutinise a little more closely the claims. Be accountable and stop passing the buck. A Prisoner said i dont see my sentence being Progressed here are the facts.> Prisons are war zones, things will get worse.> Parol Blog A Lawyers View

Battling for a plan

29 NOV 2017 

Old hands are better

Regarding an increase in prison officer numbers.Having recently transferred from a G4s jail (Birmingham), where I found the prison to be woefully understaffed and the ‘new hires’ to be poorly equipped to deal with prison environments, to a state-run prison (Stafford), and there is a marked contrast between the two.
Any new hires coming into Birmingham, some as young as 18, were back out the door within a month, as was mentioned in the news. Not only does the atmosphere here at Stafford seem calmer, but the staff seem far better equipped to deal with the prison population.
29 NOV 2017  -

I do not have long left to serve, and thought I would get my driver’s license sorted out now so as to have more of a chance at a job when I am released. I have a full license but it has expired, so I wrote to the DVLA and they supplied me with a form to renew my license. So far, so good.
As I was replacing my old paper license for a card one and I wanted any endorsements removed, the cost was £90. I wrote to my bank and they sent me a cheque payable to the DVLA for £90. Now, this is where things fall apart. The prison has said I cannot do this and the prison finance department have informed me that I must get the cheque from them and it must come out of my spends account. As I do not have enough money in my account I must save my prison wage until I do! How mad is that?

“I want to increase my chances of not going back to crime on release by using my own money and yet the prison authorities are blocking this for no good reason.”

I am on Standard IEP, so do not get access to a lot of money, and it seems like the prison do not want us to help ourselves. And, they definitely are not helping us. What has it got to do with them whether I want to use my own money to renew my driving license? It’s not as if I’m going to be driving my car around the landings. It’s like Alice in Wonderland.

Poor Uncaring Healthcare

How many times have we read in the pages of Inside Time about the healthcare problems in our jails? Complainers? Moaners? Whingers? Maybe some, but surely not all of them.
Three examples that I know of make me wonder what kind of standards apply to prisoners? A 78-year-old man complained of chest pains. The doctor took his blood pressure and said he was ‘fine’. As for the chest pains, the doctor told him ‘keep an eye on it’. No stethoscope used during this ‘examination’.
A second inmate, another pensioner, visited the doctor complaining of severe pains in his arm. He was given tablets for gastric problems.
My third example is suffered by the inmates as a whole. When inmates go to the healthcare centre to see a doctor or dentist, there can be up to 30 men, and they are packed into a waiting-room meant for less than half of that number. One small room, no windows, one door. If you ever watched a movie that shows cattle-trucks full of prisoners being taken to concentration camps in Germany or Poland – this is actually what the healthcare waiting-room resembles. In warm weather inmates struggle to get near to the crack in the door for fresh-air.

The healthcare in prison is supposed to be the equivalent of healthcare in the outside world, so there should at least be triage nurses on hand to assess injuries or health and make a decision as to how urgent your problem is and get you the appropriate treatment in good time. How many prisons are getting the same substandard service?
We are still people, we still suffer and bleed and die. The fact is that other than Inside Time we have no voice, no one to listen and take our complaints seriously. The attitude is – you are in prison, deal with it. But why should we accept this situation, which is just another form of punishment?

Leading by example?

Re: October issue, page 10, ‘Bully Bully’. I have to wonder whether it is right for the new head of the Prison Officers Association, Mark Fairhurst, to even suggest that some prisoners should be locked up 23-hours a day, wearing orange Guantanamo-style jumpsuits and being handcuffed during their one-hour exercise period. He suggests that this would be a deterrent to those who ‘rock the boat’.
It is people like Fairhurst, Grayling and others who share their twisted views, who go searching to the Americans for ideas on how to repair our ever-failing prison system

When will they understand that it is themselves who are causing most of the problems with their political meddling.”

To suggest, as Mr Fairhurst did, that prisoners should be treated with violence ‘because that’s the only language they understand’, shows how far these creatures have been allowed to come into the light under the present government. If he had said this 10-years ago there would have been calls for his resignation.

I have come across officers who really want to help prisoners turn their lives around. Under the present climate, officers who want to help prisoners are not given full-support. I would suggest that if Mr Fairhurst is looking for a better way of doing things then perhaps he should look in the direction of those countries who have low prison populations, low reconviction rates and seek to implement their ideas. Instead of devotional slavering after American ideas, a country by the way that gives out thousand-year sentences as though it were logical and has people sitting for decades waiting to be executed. Our current system is bad enough, so why would you want to import worse.

Not so magic roundabout

I got an 18-month IPP sentence but I’ve been in jail since June 2005. At my first prison, Durham, I was assessed to do core SOTP, but that jail does not do it, so;
• 4 years later I was sent to Acklington to do core SOTP. Acklington reassessed me and said I should do Adapted SOTP instead, but;

• 14 months later I was sent to Whatton to do Adapted SOTP, but;
• 4 days later Whatton sent me back to Acklington;
• 10 months later I was sent back to Whatton;

• 4 months later at Whatton I was reassessed. They said Acklington should not have sent me as I’m suitable for core SOTP, so I did core SOTP at Whatton, who then said I should do Therapeutic Prison then Extended SOTP, so they then sent me to;

• HMPs Lincoln, Leicester and Nottingham, who don’t do these programs;

• Well, Nottingham sent me to HMP Isle of Wight, who said I needed to be reassessed. Now they said I should do 1-1 work first, then Extended SOTP, but a riot broke out on another wing, so some of us, not involved in the disturbance, were shipped off to HMP Woodhill, who don’t do these courses;

• 9 months later, Woodhill asked HMP Hull if I could do 1-1 and Extended course there. Hull said yes, and promised me 1-1 and Extended, so into the ‘sweat box’ once again for a trip to Hull;

• 4 months later in Hull, I’m reassessed again- seems after all they don’t do1-1 work but I am suitable for ‘Becoming New Me’, (basically I start programs all over again). In the meantime, Parole Board knock me back, saying do another course. But, after another little think, psychology tell me I’m not suitable for Becoming New Me, but could do a new course called Becoming New Me Plus;

•17 months later in their jail, HMP Hull promised they would only send me to a prison that does BNM+, but;

Here I am, in the 13th year of my incarceration, following an 18-month initial sentence, for an offence that carries a maximum of 10 years, recently dumped in another prison that doesn’t run the promised course, so here they first threatened to send me to a jail that does not run the course just in case it ever does! Or complete the circle by sending me back to Whatton, or what exactl

I have witnessed the proliferation of gangs and violence, and the rock-bottom morale of staff. The need for funding is now desperate .Dev Maitra is a criminologist and ethnographer

The last time I was in a prison was 2016 within the first day there had been two assaults on the wing where I was based. The following day there were two further “incidents”.

Prisoners Voice‏ voice Dec 6         
I wake up this morning to see that ppl are tweeting about deleting his insensitive tweet re prison debate whilst sat in front of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Why shouldn't you be held accountable to it? Do you think the state of our prisons are amusing?

looking at the size the Harry potter book I don't think we will be getting any responses to our letters in the near furfure.
Mr right even if he's wrong does not answer the IPP family,s letter's, I'm still waiting for reply.

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