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Sunday, 24 December 2017

IPP, Deputy Editor Sebastian Pacher investigates why the government is still not releasing thousands who have served their time in jail. Published on 23 Dec 2017

Served there time but could go free.



 Gerrard We all need to get together an get bk as much as we can sentence is sole destroying 9 years from a 2 y 7m tariff have a nice Xmas IPP
 Avalon It's not easy as they still have socially strange habbits . My bro is in a hostel now. Maybe tomorrow we go to the woodland burial site of his mother who does while he was still.In. Nothing has changed from.when she was alive to his release which tells me he could of been released sooner as the low risk has remained the same

 Bevan My sister's a ipp but I'm not very good at putting things in writing. I'm not entirely sure where to start but wouldn't mind getting the stories out there xx

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