The IPP prisoner family survey
We are carrying out research looking at the experiences of the families of IPP prisoners. One of us is a researcher who has previously studied and written about the IPP sentence and the other has previously studied and written about the families of prisoners. We have brought our expertise together to look at the specific experiences of IPP family members. As part of this study, we are asking families of IPP prisoners to complete this short anonymous survey. We will also be interviewing some family members and speaking with organisations and people who have been involved with campaigns on the sentence, or supporting families. We would really appreciate your participation in this survey. 
This survey is completely anonymous – we do not ask for your name or the name of the person serving an IPP sentence. If you think you might be willing to take part in a confidential interview and would like to discuss this further with one of the researchers, please email You can also contact us if you have any questions about the study.