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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Grossly unjust IPP sentence, which should be an election issue!

02 May 2017

Hi Katherine

I write to advise you of an inspirational book that I have just read which is a true story called Justice for Carol which resonates with the IPP families campaign and fighting for justice.  Although the book is not specific to the IPP cause there are many similarities which can be drawn from it such as the family's long and ardent fight for justice for their daughter Carol who died in suspicious circumstances. 

This book relates to the unorthodox, unscrupulous practice of certain psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists that the family uncovered following their daughter's death which resulted in the mentally tortured life of their daughter and inevitably to her premature death. 

 It is almost tangible the anger, frustration and anguish that was experienced by the family in their fight against the authorities when trying to discover and the realization of the truth  and then challenging the so called professional people who were in the very powerful appointed position of psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy and subsequent control they had that led to their daughter's demise and trying to bring them to account for their mispractise.   Whilst this specific true story relates to the fate of a person who experienced mental health problems in the hands of the so called professionals that were meant to be the ones to prevent and treat her mental illness, quite the opposite occurred.  

(For your own reference please google "Justice for Carol" which will bring up the website which will give you a synopsis)  This is yet another very harrowing story that can occur to an individual who are at the mercy of public sector organisations and professionals albeit in a different context but can be likened to the situation of IPP prisoners. 

This is an analogy to the plight of IPP prisoners who are controlled by the so called professionals appointed in such powerful positions who can seal the fate of an IPP prisoner.  For example the fate of an IPP prisoner lies in the hands of psychologists, internal and external probation officers who prepare reports for the recommendation of a person's release with a final decision being made by a parole board hearing in a very limited estimated 2 to 3 hour hearing and then if released a person can be recalled back to prison because of the subjective views of the probation officer.  The Justice for Carol story emphatically highlights the misguided fixed mindset and virtually unbelievable practice and deluded beliefs of the appointed psychiatrists, psychologists / psychotherapists which any person with common sense could see was unthinkable yet these people existed, treated and held very high positions in their field of expertise.   

Why should I draw on this book in relation to the IPP?  The reason is that since being made aware of this IPP law through a friend of mine that is subject to it I have to seriously question the reasoning and rationality of the people that uphold this law.  Also from my own personal experience of contact with the probation officers and social workers who wanted to meet me because of the association that I may have with my friend upon his release, I was dumb founded by their absence of reasoning and the inability to view and assimilate the results of any favorable evidence such as reports and being cleared from court cases purely because it was contrary to the rigid fixed mindset of the probation officers. 

 I do consider myself a strong person who will challenge organisations or authorities should I think that there is an injustice but singularly this can be a very daunting task. Thankfully there are people in this society who have the continuous strength  to do so and once again I will reiterate my true respect for Katherine Gleeson who maintains this campaign and website.  In this light I have taken the liberty to quote from the conclusion of the family in the Justice for Carol story as I found this book inspirational when one has a cause and a fight for justice to contend with especially when one is up against establishments, authorities and law makers (such as Members of Parliament and the Justice of Minister Liz Truss whose position should be scrutinized for as being fit for purpose) . 

 Quotes of the family from the Justice for Carol story that echos my sentiments are: 

" There are occasions when individuals are called to stand up for truth and justice or lose their souls.  We had a choice to betray our moral values, to dismiss the suffering and to forget the torture Carol endured at the hands of the healthcare professionals who were abusing and controlling her or to stand and fight"  

IPP families and campaigners should stand and fight in their cause for justice to oppose the IPP law and the very suffering of those subject to it.

"We were undaunted by the vicissitudes we encountered and in that we possessed the necessary skills to breakdown the conspiracy of silence.  But how many others have been trapped by this same process, arrested, tried and imprisoned for crimes that have never occurred" (this is relating to false accusations that can be officially recorded against you).

IPP prisoners are entrapped with prolonged imprisonment following the expiry of their tariff and are effectively rearrested, tried and imprisoned again by the probation officers and parole board when no further crimes that has been committed.  The IPP family campaign should continue to breakdown the wall of silence and ignorance to this law. 

"The picture revealed presents an horrific indictment of British Society in the 21st century.  The psychiatric sphere, the coronial process and the legal system have been totally undermined by warped and devious individuals who have determined to destroy the lives of others to further their careers, financially enrich themselves and to satisfy their own dangerous and perverted desires"

I can apply this thinking to the roles of ministers who will not amend this law as they only have an invested interest in their own position of power, control and popularity and remain ignorant to the plight and the indeterminate hence unknown release of prisoners. They continue to erode the underlying principles of justice and fairness in our society such as innocence unless proven guilty and right to defend which is becoming seriously comprised with cuts in legal aid. 

It is general election time, let’s kick the cow of the Justice Minister, Lis Truss, out now!
Kind regards
S Ryan 


Hi S Ryan,
thank you for writing in and raising number of strong key issues that people need to be aware off and fight to make immense changes in these area,s, well said .
Kind regards
Katherine Gleeson

My other half has just come out of prison after serving 10years on IPP... we need to set up a bank account for him but he has no proof of anything? Is there anything else? Only need to transfer him money when needed and get a credit rating up?
Probation office give him a letters and his licence OK I'd and letter of probation then get birth certificate
Brackenbury The only way we got round this was to get a driver's licence
Fowler Passport
Jez   Barclays bank can be helpful. If he is staying at a hostel he will need to ask for a residency confirmation slip. (proofOfAddress). He will also need prison paperwork. Something with his prison number, an out of date passport on its own is no good but it does help. Anything with his current address on will help. I would always advice arranging an appointment at the bank with a senior manager because of your position. Barclays do help setup bank accounts for people in prison and can be helpful but don't expect to just be able to walk in and it all be sorted there and then. It can take a few visits. To answer the question above. You are entitled to a passport and unless you have an order requiring you to surrender it you can hold onto it BUT don't go abroad, because you will breach your license unless you have been given permission to do so.Local registry office will help with a birth certificate. That costs £10 I think and that makes everything much easier

Post date comments
carl DTo get ipp prisoners out of this bad sentence
Micheal Because my friend is recalled for going on a family hoilday hes been back in prison 16 month hes still not had an hearing and still no sign of gettin out
Jasmin H.
Lost a family member for 12 year now, feels hopeless. 10 days ago

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