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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Speak Up Mass IPP Lobby/March London Parliament on the 25th May 2016.

It is a chance to put forward the IPP and demand action.
You can play your part by coming to Parliament on 25th to lobby your MP alongside hundreds of others at the 'Speak up' mass lobby.
Collectively we'll be sending a strong message to every MP that action on the IPP must change is now more urgent than ever.
Central event in the morning, parliament, once finished demonstrate in parliament square.
We all meet regardless at Parliament at square for 2pm we March and demonstrate to the Ministry of Justice. Be part of the “SPEAK UP lobby!

Planning your meeting:

This week, phone your Mp check the time you meet up, that he has your Mobile Number. If your Mp is not coming fill in a green form let them know why you have attended to lobby the IPP.

Try to include who is personally affected by an issue you are raising.

When with MP, Review important discussion points and additional information (both for you, and to give to your MP). 

Read the documents on concerns regarding your issue.
Stick to the INPORTANT most important points you want to discuss in the meeting.

Find out what your MP thinks or has said on the issues.  

Prepare and gather relevant documents that you will give to your MP during your meeting.

3) During the meeting:

Introduce yourself, who you are representing.
Be clear a and precise.
Present your issues, and illustrate them with concrete examples. 

Explain why your MP should be concerned, for example: How does this issue affect individuals?

Ask your MP for concrete actions.

Give your MP a summary of the issues you’ve raised and the policy positions that you suggest.

Offer yourself as a resource, and ask if there is any further information that s/he needs on this issue.

4) After the meeting:
Send a letter to thank your MP for the meeting and include any additional information from your discussion. 

 Respond to any other points that you had agreed to during the meeting.

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