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Monday, 23 May 2016

IPP lOBBY AND MARCH 25TH MAY “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Truth never damages a cause that is just”.

Great job everyone we finally got here please don’t go empty handed print info and flyers. Hand them out to "all the MPs ,other, and ask those to lobby the IPP. Good luck to those meeting with there MPs ,and I hope it all goes well. See you all on the day- "Wednesday 25th.

You may of noticed my spelling over time that because i have dyslexia and dyspraxia therefore i feel strong for those let down and and trapped.

As far Back and recent in  2008 the Joint Committee on Human Rights, in response to evidence submitted by the Prison Reform Trust, stated:
• I am are deeply concerned that the evidence indicates that, because of a failure to provide for their needs, people with learning disabilities may serve longer custodial sentences than others convicted of comparable crimes. ...
• interventions to reduce risk are adapted to be suitable for those with learning disability or difficulty”.

• Offending behaviour courses, offered as the one way to progress your sentence and demonstrate reduced risk, are in limited supply with long queues for these and for Parole Board reviews. People who are mentally ill, on medication or have a learning disability are effectively barred from these courses and barred from the only route out of this awful maze. neglecting its management responsibilities to the prison system.
• prisoner can only be released when the Parole Board decides that he/she can be safely managed in the community – in the meantime the prisoner is in effect serving preventive detention. But they see cognitive diffreculties as a risk, effectively trapping them.

Reform trust…/inspec…/hmi-probation…

What does the law say!

The law states you are discriminating by not to allowing those on the course that the institution must provide accommodations and not exclude
Reasonable adjustments in Education /courses
It’s against the law for a institution or other education provider to treat those with disability’s such as learning differences unfavourably. An education provider has a duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to make those with learning differences are not discriminated against. These changes could include:
providing extra support and aids (like specialist teachers or equipment. This includes:
‘direct discrimination’ refusing admission to a inmate because of disability learning difference.
‘indirect discrimination’, eg only providing application forms in one format that may not be accessible.
‘discrimination arising from a disability’, eg a disabled pupil is prevented from going outside at break time because it takes too long to get there.
‘harassment’, eg a instructor shouts at a disabled student for not paying attention when the student’s disability stops them from easily concentrating
victimisation, eg suspending a person with learning difference because they’ve complained about harassment.…/free-the-remaining-ipp-priso

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