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Friday, 27 May 2016

IPP Campaign on the 25th of May was a truly an achievement for which we all can stand tall. Thank you to friends and supporters, inmates and the families those who have put time, effort and energy into the campaign all individual, each giving to his or her strengths.

We still need people to ask there MPs to support the IPP moreover those who have conservative MPs as they are in power.
We STILL need a majority vote to change a law. Those who have not contacted there Mps need to and those who did not receive a response from there Mp needs to work on getting one.

What were we requesting?

1) We are hereby requesting the Secretary of State for Justice to exercise their power to change the release test for the IPP prisoners under Section 128 of the LASPO Act, for an effective system in place that works.
2) IPP sentences to be converted into extended sentences, as changing the release test will not necessarily get rid of the "99-year-licence" problem. The Lord Chief Justice agrees!!
3) To push the argument “” Lex posterior derogat priori” Meaning a later repeals an earlier one in a similar method to the effect of an Appeal or Supreme Court automatic overrules previous law on the subject .Maxim…. it needs to be acknowledged immediately.

 Photos of the Campaign day


Kerry Cove Soon Brackenbury Wow pictures are awesome! Bet the atmosphere was electric! Well done all xx

Ruth Howard, Thank you all xxx

Adele Morgan, Picton Thank you to all that help organise attended and supported the protest job well-done xxx

Veronica Cooke, Some fabulous photos

Farrukh Alam, Thank you

Louise Sayers,Thank you for everything and everyone i mean it everyone was amazing today!!!!!!!! FREE THE IPP! what a day!!!!!

Na Ssa, Your energy was great Louise. Even if people are talking, looking at the petition, we've definitely achieved something. ..  hash tag, tagging mp's and celebs to try and spread the word.twitter account. Just think we may be able to reach more people that way and let people know about this injustice. Especially if we all have the same hashtag and get it trending

Kai Salter
Hope something changes with the ipp I done 5/12 years on 2 year tariff been out over 4 yrs now really do hope they do something as I i know first hand how hard it is.

Jez Owen Just wanted to thank everyone for all their effort yesterday. Katherine I take my hat off to you, your energy, commitment and passion is phenomenal. The two young ladies on the megaphone outside the ministry building were outstanding. Its not just aboutwhat you say, its also about the way you say it and I left there in no doubt that the MOJ heard our cries. Some people mentioned they wished more had turned up, that why couldn't have our march and protest been as big as the march was for British Steel? Well, there's a difference. All those people marching for that cause were British steel workers. There were 4000 people in our protest that were there in spirit, they were unable to attend because they simply can't. But I heard their cries in all our voices yesterday. They would be proud and humbled by all your commitment and steadfast determination to put a stop to their inexcusable persistent persecution. Keep writing to your MPs, keep writing to the Queen , keep writing to the church, keep writing to NOMS. Keep them busy replying to your pleas for fair justice. Tell your I.P.P not to give up because you will never give up. Give them your steadfast determination, your love and respect for the suffering they have to face everyday when the door shuts and they cant open it. When that door shuts they need to know that your the other side of it doing everything you can to get them out.



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