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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Calling on everyone whether you know Jason or not, he needs your help.  Jason has just started his 9th year in prison, after receiving an IPP sentence. The judge recommend he serve a minimum of 3years and 3months, he is now almost 6 years over that minimum tariff. He did break the law, but he's not a dangerous criminal and he has paid for what he did in many ways. Jason found out a few weeks ago that he has terminal Stomach Cancer and has been given a very short time to live, 2-3 months without chemo and 8 months with chemo. Jason really wants to spend his last months at home with his family, so his quick release would be a great benefit to him. This is why he is asking every body to sign his petition and help get him home to his family. We will be organising a campaign on his behalf and will need as much support as we can possibly get. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support, please share this and help Jason to come home so he can be cared for by his mother and father in the family home he was born in 46 years ago. It's filled with happy memories of his childhood, and all the new memories that have been made there in his absense, Jason wants to spend his last months with his children, grand children and the rest of his family at home. Please help Jason to gain compassionate release. Thank you so much, on behalf of Jason Henry Grant.
David Cameron, Prime Minister
Stephen Bradford, Governor at HMS Mount Prison
David Gauke, MP
Theresa May, MP
Please release terminally ill Jason Henry Grant from prison....He has served almost 9 years on an IPP sentence, the judge recommeded he serve a minimum of 3 years and 3 months on his sentence, that has been served along with all recommended classes. Jason has served his time with minimal issues.
Jason has recently been told the very sad news that he has terminal Stomach Cancer and given 2-3... 
Petition link
 letter writing .  The Queen also exercises the prerogative of mercy, by which the Sovereign may, for example, grant free or conditional pardons or remit penalties, on the advice of her Ministers.

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