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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

No justice in recalls

From Steve New - HMP Norwich

After reading the letters in your May issue regarding recalls to prison I had to write. I was recalled in January and all I was told by the reception officer was that it was for 'bad behaviour'. It took 3 weeks for me to get my recall pack so there was not enough time to discuss options with my lawyer and get reps in by the 28 day period. It turns out that my ex partner had called the police and made untrue allegations about me.
“So even when I get out of this sentence, anyone can call and make accusations against me and I will be dragged back to prison. I've met another lifer here who was recalled after being arrested for theft and criminal damage. The police found out it was all lies and took it no further yet Probation still recalled him but for not living at his official address - which is where he was arrested! I have met lifers who have been recalled for 'smelling of alcohol', which is no evidence of anything. But to get back to my case, how can we control someone who has a grudge against us? We cannot, it is out of our control. I asked what would happen if a similar situation arose and I was told 'probably a recall', so I'm quite nervous about getting out again.
“Surely Probation could put in place a provision that they actually speak to us first and get our side before pressing the recall button? Before all this I was in full time employment in a job I got 2 weeks after being released and I had never missed a Probation appointment. Now I'm back in prison.
No justice in recalls From Steve New - HMP Norwich
From Steve New - HMP Norwich

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