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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

16 March  on wards

Public event  to write to our MP other  to sign the Early day motion 1254

Session: 2013-14 Date tabled: 02.04.2014 Primary sponsor: Llwyd, Elfyn
My Mp Hopkins, Kelvin
Edwards, Jonathan
Bottomley, Peter
Flynn, Paul
Stunell, Andrew

Total number of signatures: 9
Bottomley, Peter Dobbin, Jim Edwards, Jonathan Flynn, Paul
Hopkins, Kelvin Kaufman, Gerald Leech, John Llwyd, Elfyn
Stunell, Andrew

That this House notes that at the end of January 2014, 5,335 prisoners in the UK were still serving indeterminate sentences for public protection, which were abolished by the Government in 2012; further notes that 3,561 of these prisoners had already passed their tariff and that, since the Parole Board releases roughly 400 inmates every year, it will take nine years for the Board to clear this backlog of cases; further notes with dismay that many prisoners serving indeterminate sentences fail to gain places on appropriate courses which would progress their rehabilitation and that as a result such prisoners have little hope of release; recognises that 24 prisoners serving indeterminate sentences have committed suicide whilst in custody; further notes that each prison place costs £40,000 every year, making indeterminate sentences highly costly; and calls on the Government to increase funding to the Parole Board to clear the backlog of indeterminate prisoners, starting with those given initial tariffs of two years or less.

Mp,s can table what is called an Early Day Motion and it does not have to be your MP

Early Day Motions are one way in which backbench MPs can record their support for particular issues and campaigns.  The most successful motions give rise to debates in Parliament, changes in Government policy and changes in the law.

 Ask your Member of Parliament are they willing to  support the motion concerning the IPP now tabled.

Now tabled, MPs can sign the EDM to show their support. The significant issue, tell your MP about the IPP so that he or she can be made aware of it and if they see fit, show wiliness to sign the motion, giving their support.
 Let your MP recognise that several of your constituents have written to their Mp’s asking if they are prepared to  sign  proposed reform for the IPP, but he appears not to have signed yet. Please urge him to sign this EDM , which will hacve received support from MPs from all parties and which now has willing signatories from all political parties. I hope that you will consider this issue carefully. And I hope that you will take this issue as seriously as I do.
Additionally thank them if they have already showed willingness  to  signed! If you have already written to Mp point out one issue that may have concerned him in his reluctance further point out the recent events at parliament, and media cover.
You can also direct your MP to the Petition page or other which gives info on the IPP .The  ipp sentence is clear, the sentence is wrong give your  MP a reminder outlining  how important it is  you  to have an  Early Day Motions, know tabled  these   changes will help your Son or daughter to come home.

If you don’t already know, you can find out who represents you in parliament through a web site that lists all of the MPs in the UK. Click on and simply enter your postcode to find out the name of your representative. Contact them in writing, by email, or by going and meeting them.                                                                              They work for you, so it is important to use your constituent powers, and to ask them if they would be willing to support the motion.

EDMs are motions which can be signed by MPs to show their support.  In the past they have not been debated but the Speaker has said that this may change especially for those signed by many MPs from all parties.  They are printed and available to MPs and Staff in the House of Commons and make interesting reading on all subjects.

Information about EDMs is available on line at or so you can see if your MP has signed up.  Ministers and shadow ministers may not feel able to sign as EDMs are for backbenchers primarily but they can write to the Secretary of State and ask him to take up the issue.

 “””WRITE TO YOUR FRIENDS TOO AND ASK THEM TO WRITE TO THEIR MPs or  archbishop other even your queen being it is a her prison  ”” if a supporter OF THE ipp you can write to your MP too or other  .Thank you in advance for your support.

In an average session only six or seven EDMs reach over two hundred signatures. Around seventy or eighty get over one hundred signatures. The majority will attract only one or two signatures.

Who will not sign?
The following people in Parliament normally will not sign EDMs:
Ministers and government whips
Parliamentary Private Secretaries
The Speaker and his deputies



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