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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

i am sorry for the delay bring you up dated info it was due to  rights issues  i am back again posting.

Psychological torture

From Big John - HMP Guys Marsh
I read a letter in your January issue concerning IPP sentences and containing direct quotations from the late Rudolph Hess, who explained how such sentences were used as a tool to break people who opposed the Nazi party back in the 1930s. I am preparing an application to the ECHR and intend to use this letter as an indicator that the government must have been aware of the effect the IPP could have before its introduction back in 2005! I would like to point out to other over-tariff IPPs that Article 3 of the ECHR says 'whoever perceives themselves to be a victim of torture' is, in fact, protected by the Act.
For the authorities to keep moving the goalposts, adding objectives and the psychological stress we are forced to endure due to a type of sentence previously used by the Nazis (no less!), we are, in fact, victims of torture, albeit psychological. By keeping us in 'preventative detention' using this method we now ALL have grounds to proceed with cases against the government because they cannot dispute the previous documented use of this sentence by an 'evil regime', it is a tool designed to break people's minds! So I encourage all IPPs to get in touch with human rights groups, lawyers or campaigners and fight against our continuous suffering.
Read article: Black mark on the name of British justice

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