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Friday, 10 March 2017

The book IPP prisoner in limbo by Michael O'Brien.

Many prisoners on IPP sentences have had relatively low tariffs some as low as two years however, very few prisoners have actually been released on their actual tariff date and quite a high number of them have done double the recommended tariff sentence set by the judge. Many families I have spoken to have called IPP sentences a life sentence through the back door and in this book, we will be talking to the families of those who have bee...n affected by these IPP sentences and what it actually means to them and how it affected them. This book will highlight cases to show how the IPP sentences work, and how unjust this sentence is. One interesting point to note is the fact that many offenders sentenced to IPP have done longer sentences than many sex offenders and paedophiles which the Act was originally designed for. Is this an injustice? This book is dedicated to the memory of the 16 Prisoners who sadly took their own lives whilst serving a IPP sentence god bless them all.





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Hi Katherine , I've emailed 6 today ! The story is so long and there's so much research I'll be pitching in a month or two. This is a really large scale investigation but know the features editor at the guardian who will hopefully take it on. It's looking good  Aepa Atm
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Hi Katherine, Hope all is well. I wondered if I might ask for your assistance with another project relating to IPP - I'd quite like to speak to 2/3 IPP prisoners who have recently been released. I realise the licence terms are quite stringent and we could do it in a way that wouldn't get them in trouble with probation. I was happy with the reception of my last piece, interviewing the wives / girlfriends of offenders, but I think now would be a good time to speak to the offenders themselves and keep the ball rolling on this story. Any help would be appreciated please, if you can think of anyone who fits the bill. Regards.



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