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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

IPP Public & MP / Lords Awareness Mission is the key towards release and Freedom.

Have you  heard about IPP Prisoners, being kept in prison years and years past the sentence impossed by the Judge,  British People being kept in prison without a release date, When you read about this injustice you will   fully support  the  IPP campaign, and our calls for IPP change's 2012 year of HOPE Year of change FREEDOM is calling lets help to spread the WORD  Tell everyone that will listern tell them about what this government are doing keeping prisoners in prison for YEARS Tell the EVERYONE about IPP & Whats going on 7,650, Serving IPP Prisoners Thousands of Familys suffering and prisoners kept in prison years beyound original sentence, 3,190 IPP prisoners beyond tariff end, IPP Prisoners ENGLANDS Very Own Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Barbaric Sentence 3,190 have served DOUBLE there Sentence Thats ENGLANDS British Justice, GUANTANAMO BAY TYPE IMPRISONMENT, ITS TIME FOR IPP CHANGE, 2012 year of IPP British Justice For ALL Serving.


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