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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cradle to Prison pipline learning differculties Dyslexia other

1."Youths and adults with learning disabilities /learning differences or other impairments make up the majority of people in the prison justice system. Often they have passed through the education system that does not teach dysexics in ways that will enable them to access the learning or have gone unrecognised.

We must ensure schools and other services are properly equipped to identify and help these children - before they come into contact with the Prison justice system." a reporton Channel Four documentary tested inmates Almost all were being screened for learning difficulties for the first time. Half of them were discovered to have dyslexia.

Having struggled with Dyslexia myself I have become very interested and concerned about the number of inmates with literacy and numeracy problems, 80% of prisoners have poor writing skills, 50% have reading difficulties and 65% have trouble with numeracy. Half of all prisoners are at or below the level expected of an 11 year old in reading, two-thirds in numeracy and four-fifths in writing.

This can cause truancy and also misconduct, even to the point of expulsion from school, which would lead to poor performance and low exam results, if any results received at all.

“Nearly half of male sentenced prisoners were excluded from school and nearly a third of all prisoners were regular truants whilst at school and more than half of male and more than two-thirds of female adult prisoners have no qualifications at all.” It is therefore not inconceivable that an individual with a learning disability can leave school being unable to read and write, having no qualifications and little prospect of employment due to even seemingly small details of being unable to fill in an application form or read an article to find a job and this can become the start of a vicious circle, when there released there unable to get a job with a criminal record.

According to the Offenders Learning and Skills Unit in the Department for Education and Skills, just under a third of the prison population is attending education classes at any one time, half of all prisoners do not have the skills required by 96 per cent of jobs and over 50% were unemployed before imprisonment.The whole justice system is it helping or damaging the criminal. Surely we can't be that worse off. We are just not moving on with times. Some Criminals don't like to reoffend, but the system lets them down instead of helping them. I'm sure there is a lot of good in all of us if we channeled our efforts in the right direction.
We want to End the Ipp, more training and education!!!

2. Cradle to Prison pipline Black youth's

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