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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Biggest London Rally, March 7th House of Lords

Caption By Katherine Gleeson.

Update: ByBarrister Lorna Elliott, from insidetime issue March 2012  latest on IPPs

Those currently serving IPP sentences may not be aware of the huge amount of campaigning that is taking place to raise awareness of the injustices of the IPP sentence. There are numerous online campaigns, countless petitions, and many hundreds of people who have been writing to MPs and others to raise awareness of these inhumane sentences, and the way in which they damage public trust in the justice system and destroy hope for the future. It is of note that Members of the House of Lords during the Committee stage of the Bill mentioned the ‘countless’ letters they had received about the injustice of the IPP sentence.

A common theme of discussion amongst IPP campaigners is that the general public is still largely unaware of the structure of these sentences and how unfair they are on both the prisoner and their loved ones. It is hoped that the significant efforts that are being made with various campaigns will go a considerable way to educating the general public on the failure of these sentences. One campaign group, the ‘IPP Prisoners Families Campaign’, organized a march in central London at the end of January and a further protest has been scheduled for March 7th. The details are available elsewhere in this edition of Inside Time.

Lorna Elliott is a barrister at Lound Mulrenan Jefferies Solicitors.

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