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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Why Worboys’ release was approved while so many other IPP prisoners are denied parole.

Many are asking why the UK’s‘worst sex offender’ – a cabbie believed to have assaulted 100 women – will be
freed from jail while thousands of others on indeterminate sentences for lesser crimes are still without a release date.


Has the government played a part in his release since they have been  unable to cope with pressure of getting all the IPP prisoners out. 
John Worboys release does not make sense since there is  prisoners with lower sentences who received 2 years sentence and are 8 years over. I find it odd they let out a serious offender just 2 years over his 10 year sentence when others are waiting with minor offences.

A former IPP prisoner, Jamie, said Worboys is being released despite being “a true danger to society.” He added on Twitter: “The Worboys case is all about having the money to pay for a top legal team to guide him thru the hoops. Myself and 7500 out the 8000 given an IPP didn’t have that and were left to rot.”

Cleansheet, an organization that supports men and women into employment after they leave prison, called the decision to release Worboys and not other IPP prisoners a “disgrace.”

The sentence was applied far more widely than envisaged, however, swelling the prison population to unprecedented levels and putting huge pressure on the already stretched parole board. Rather than targeting dangerous criminals – with an expected rise in the prison population of 900 – and IPP sentence was handed down to 8,711 offenders between 2005 and 2012. They included arsonists, pub brawlers, and street muggers.

In 2012, IPP was abolished under the Coalition government after a European Court ruling claimed it was “arbitrary and unlawful.” Its abolition was not retrospective, however, meaning there are still more than 3,000 prisoners – or nearly five percent of the prison population – serving sentences without a release date. The scheme costs British taxpayers approximately £131 million every year.

There are some prisoners who are serving four times their sentence. Last year, RT reported the cases of Ian Hartley, who is twelve years into a three-year jail term for robbery, and Joshua McCrae, who is eleven years into a four-year jail term for ‘wounding.’


Cooke I do wish someone in authority would draw attention, in light of Worboys release, to the hundreds of IPPs still in prison years over tariff who committed much lesser crimes. It is so clearly a travesty of justice... 

O'hagan This really angered me. My son did 10 years for a 18 month tariff. He didn't hurt anyone

White This has really bothered me. Personally my partner is on his 12th year on an 18 month tariff released and recalled almost 3 years ago,  (was only out briefly) and found not guilty of the accused charge which recalled for !!!!! Done everything asked over and over ! What I don’t get it " they are meant to assess ‘risk to the public’? So how is this man who 'has  since been linked to a further 100 sex crimes, not a risk!!!! Makes not a bit of sense !!!

Government  the biggest scumbags think about it if they released 4000 ipp prisoners thay would close 4 jails coz they wouldn't have anyone in them how is it that the crime has halfed in the last ten years but the jails haven't its a mone trick from the biggest crimals of all.  we go on about Ipp now but the government have been doing things like this for years to keep the jails running they say it cost us this is a load of crap they only give hot water in pads an showers like 4 months of the year the food is worse than dog food an if we don't work we lose every think biggest scam ever just never been in the public eye
I got a 2 year 7 month and been to cat d 3 times and have been shipped out with no nickens never had release done 9 years never harmed a woman or a child.
This ipp needs sorting out asap there is men and women being held miles past there sentence has finished shame on r goverment useing ppl as slaves that's all jail is no reabilation I done 9 years belive me
Milton the more I hear or read about British justice the less convinced I am that it exists at all.the law is a complete confused assI wouldn't comment on whether worboys should be freed or not as I don't have all the details but what seems clear is that although he was suspected of over a said sex crimes he was actually charged and convicted of only a few and given an 8 yr tariff. The amount he is suspected of appear not to have been taken into consideration when sentenced. An prisoner on the other hand has been sentenced and remains contained on perceived risk, what could of happened or what they could of done but actually did'nt. So things that actually never happened have been taken into account for sentencing.It's like one extreme to the other. No sense !!
HortonAnd  yes, that risk assessment frequently seems to be flawed.I think Bob Neill is referring to the fact that the media state that Worboys is guilty of over such amounts, when in fact he was only convicted of a much smaller number, It's suspicion.
Mcluckie It's all mind blowing I just can't get my head round it  as I said in post earlier I am seriously thinking about getting another protest on the go cos this is all so wrong
Stocker "The asylum is run by lunatics"
Boden 05 January 2018
Justice Committee Chair Bob Neill comments on the Parole Board Chair's statement on John Worboys' release.
Chair's comments
Committee Chair, Bob Neill MP, said:
"What has happened here is very disturbing. The Parole Board is, rightly, independent of government, and, of course, can only deal with cases for which a prisoner has actually been convicted, rather than where there may be suspicion. There are separate questions for the CPS to answer about their charging decisions in this case.
It is vital that the public has confidence in Parole Board decisions. For that reason, I shall be recommending to the Committee that we ask the Chair of the Board, Professor Nick Hardwick, to give evidence to the Justice Committee about what has happened, in particular the failure to inform victims of Worboys' release, for which he has rightly apologised. We must be reassured that victims are fully involved in the whole of the process.

We will also want to ask about how the Parole system can be made much more transparent, something Nick Hardwick himself has rightly called for. In my view it is ridiculous that the current rules prevent the Board making public the reasons for their decisions. Professor Hardwick has called for MPs to back "opening the process up" and we will give him the opportunity to make precisely that case.

"Khan It don't make no sense in my eyes as there are many Ipp prisoners that are still locked away and done nothing like him and parole really needs to sort this out and let the ones with less crimes out it's a joke.

 White My partner is also there. I know when they act up in prison is it any wonder!!! They are only human at the end of the day it’s mental torture

Vilkinson It’s funny how the penitentiary system was designed to break someone mentally, then they use the excuse that they are broken to keep them in prison. My brother was a kid when he went to prison, barely just 18 years old, of course it was going to make him crazy, now it’s just one excuse after another to keep him inside and all because they don’t want empty spaces in prisons.

Avalon Consider also that sex offenders who have only ever downloaded and distributed child porn but not had contact offences are doing the same or more time in an IPP sentence. It's all so arse about face. I can't understand it


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