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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The 5TH Justice Minister within 2 years none made a difference and only left destruction behind.

The Justice Minister none made a difference and only left destruction behind. It is questionable why each justice Minister got quickly moved. What are they really hiding? I know, lies.

It angers me  how none of the Justice Ministers took responsibility for their actions and when there are signs of trouble the government moved them . These  Ministers are responsible for the function and resources of the prison but only left it un resourced and not fit for purpose, covering up their mess with deception to the public and media  at the cost of IPP prisoners. Risk was part of that deception as they have demonstrated with Worboys that risk can not be measured.

If they justice Ministers was honest with themselves at all, you should definitely know when it time to move on. But all of them was unwilling to say it out loud – especially if spitting out the truth might force them to spend time and effort changing a big part of their lives.

Being a success?
The successful of a justice Minister plays to their strengths, doing what came naturally to them. For. Most of the roles required is strong leadership making diction’s, attention and focus, and the ability to listen is key.

What is important?
To be honest with yourself and others about what you do well and what you don’t and seek a job that best fits you.
The clearest clue you can get about your choice of job as a justice Minister is the consistent feedback you get from others. If your life is filled with negative comments and few rewards, it’s probably not because the world is out to get you. You are just in the wrong job. So when you receive constant negative feedback, consider the possibility that you are the problem. Be honest and find yourself a better fit.

Why I see them fail
One reasons so many justice Ministers look disengaged is because so many fake it. They do a job they really don’t connect with because they don’t know of a better option and need the work. If you find yourself victim to any of the above signs, don’t quit your job today, but start looking for a new one, and save us the despair.

""I wish David Gauke well in his new role I have optimism that IPP prisoners can finally go forward with a fair justice Minister who is honest, and one that has common sense."

Quote of the Day: 
Success is helping people.

Looking for  IPP Prisoners  who  live in Bedford or Birmingham ITV is covering the injustice of the sentence. Contact

katherine Gleeson


Owen Ms May appears to have a very blinkered view of justice and any Minister that dares to steer in another direction disappears sharpish. We need strong politicians that follow a path to lower offending rates and lower crime like Ken Clarke. Sadly at the moment we have a party which wishes to be seen to be being tough on prisoners and tough on sentences and tough on 'perceived risk' . This will achieve more victims, a higher incarceration rate and of course more crime. That however will not stop me from lobbying for change and giving 
the government hell and I would encourage you to do the same 😉 

Katherine The shuffle did not make sense since we've only had the current Minister a few months Liz does not pull the wool over my eyes she lying to cover up the Ministers mess. 🤥
Monica I agree Katherine was only thinking that myself. xx

Khan Well said both of u... Don't they know it about time this cover up needs to be put down and remove all IPP prisoners that have really suffered. They have  allowed this Worboys to be released so risk is differcult to be  proven and that the goverment don't go by the book  the release test does not work when their are soooo many ipp prisoners that have very minor crimes and they still are told they are risk to public? We all know they pick and choose who they want to let out it's a disgusting government that allow him free and the others to suffer when their crime was nothing like his.... 😤😤

Introducing new Justice Secretary David Gauke

None of the re-shuffle speculation had prepared us for today’s (8 January 2018) promotion of David Lidington to Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (AKA Deputy PM) after just 7 months as Justice Secretary where he has been replaced by David Gauke.
This makes him the fifth Justice Secretary in less than two years, derailing, once again, attempts to reform prisons and probation:

Born in 1971 and educated at Northgate High School in Ipswich, Mr Gauke read law at St Edmund Hall, Oxford University. After a year working as a parliamentary researcher, he attended Chester College of Law before becoming a trainee solicitor. After qualifying as a solicitor in 1997, he worked for a leading City firm before entering Parliament in 2005. David lives in Chorleywood with his wife, Rachel, and their 3 sons and is a lifelong supporter of Ipswich Town.
Mr Gauke is the first solicitor to be Justice Secretary and the first lawyer to be Lord Chancellor since Ken Clarke.
You can visit his website here and follow him on Twitter @DavidGauke

Political career

He was elected to the House of Commons at the 2005 general election for Hertfordshire South West following the retirement of Richard Page. Gauke won the seat with a majority of 8,473, making his maiden speech on 9 June 2005. Between 2005 and 2008, he served as a member of the Procedure Select Committee. He was a member of the Treasury Select Committee between 2006 and 2007, before joining the Opposition front bench as Shadow Treasury Minister.
Following his re-election at the 2010 general election, he was appointed Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury before being appointed as Financial Secretary in 2014 and Chief Secretary to the Treasury in July 2016.
On 11 June 2017, Gauke was made Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, having previously only worked in the Treasury.

The Parliament UK site lists his political interests as tax, the economy, education and Europe. His page on the “They Work for You” site lists additional areas of interest as: Open Source Software; Departmental Computers; Police; Outsourcing; and Child Benefit: Personal Records.
Mr Gauke campaigned to remain in the EU and has not voted against the government in the current parliament. His record on voting on Home Affairs is reproduced from “They work for you”:

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