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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

We did it! This afternoon, the Court of Appeal ruled that cuts to legal aid for prisoners are unlawful. This is a major victory.

Howard League for Penal Reform

We could not have done it without your support. Our work does not end here; there is still much to do. As prisons continue to deteriorate, with violence, self-injury and suicide rising to record levels, we want to ensure that we can take action like this again in the future. Can you help by making a donation?

Our movement is growing. Today shows what Howard League members can achieve by working together. Our legal challenge, taken jointly with the Prisoners’ Advice Service, will change lives.
With your support, the Howard League can continue this vital work to build a fairer society with less crime, safer communities and fewer people in prison.
Thank you.
Frances Crook.


Government prisoner legal aid cuts judged ‘unlawful’ by Court of Appeal

Written by: Nicholas Mairs Posted On: 11th April 2017

Rules introduced by ministers to stop legal aid being granted to prisoners in certain situations have been deemed unlawful by the Court of Appeal.

The three judges found rules around pre-tariff reviews by the Parole Board, category-A reviews, and decisions on placing inmates in close supervision centres, to be “inherently unfair”.

The judges’ unanimous verdict ruled that the government did not provide enough “alternative support” after stripping back legal aid.

“The consequence is that almost no changes have been introduced to replace the gap left by the removal of legal aid,” they said.
“We have concluded that, at a time when ... the evidence about prison staffing levels, the current state of prisons, and the workload of the Parole Board suggests that the system is under considerable pressure, the system has at present not got the capacity sufficiently to fill the gap in the run of cases in those three areas.”

Campaigners who challenged the cuts, which were introduced by then justice secretary Chris Grayling in 2013, hailed the judgment as a “groundbreaking victory”.
The successful appeal by the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Prisoners’ advice service could now pave the way for a judicial review.

Frances Crook, chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said: “It vindicates our concerns that cuts imposed by the former Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, in 2013 presented a grave risk that prisoners would become stuck in a broken system.
“This sends a clear message that important decisions about prisoners cannot be made efficiently or fairly in the face of these cuts. We look forward to hearing from the Lord Chancellor with her plans to give effect to the judgment,” she added.

Deborah Russo, joint managing solicitor of the Prisoners’ Advice Service, said: “This is an unprecedented and groundbreaking legal victory in which the vulnerability of the prison population is fully recognised as a key factor in its limited ability to access justice. Common law came to the rescue of a marginalised and often forgotten sector of our society.”
A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “We note the court of appeal’s judgment on changes made to legal aid regulations – introduced in 2013 – and will consider whether to appeal.”


Politics UK

Lis trust should be stripped of lord Chancellor rolw, Cabinet urges  Theresa May......

Bereaved families bring case against government over prisoners suicides. Lis Truss and the governor of Hmp Woodhill are subject of cases brought bt relatives of those who have taken there lives at the prison.

Winchester prison failure to provide mental health, despite warnings and inquest into deaths
New blow to Justice Secretary Liz Truss as MPs say: scrap plans for prison league tables.

Prison reform March 2017
Prison office acted unlawfull causing death.

Sucide after been told you will be deported.

Out of control prison

Lis Truss show contempt to prison Ministers

Failing of care say experts

Lack of action is the cause of rising death tole

Privatizing the prison Lis Truss....?


Horton  Go Justice Committee! You tell Liz Truss! She hasn't a clue.

Animus  He was just 18 when they took him . supposed to be gang related ... sorry but they were all mates from 4 years of age.

Jez This is what happens. Friends look out for each other and become a social group. They can become in trenched in a gang style life. Judges tend to be totally out of touch with that way of life and aren't encouraged to bear this in mind when passing sentence. Being in prison doesn't improve his trust of anyone outside his social group either. That's why its so important that they, the probation and prison service show those respect and help thoughts through there sentence positively.

Maura i have 3 sons on ipp with ten years i don't feel like im alive its a night mare sentence i some times think i cant go on no longer my sons were kids when they went to prison i pray every day just to see them free before i die they did not kill or rape any one i read you created this sentences for that kind of crime im dead inside since lost them please some one listen and get rid of IPP give a sentence with a little hope please please my sons need hope so do i please god

The London school of Economics and Political Science is on the 16 May 2017 will be working on the parole board system as more people are serving indeterminate sentences than than in other 48 countrys. 

At the meeting Academics and criminal justice professionals will be challenging the current system for deciding if someone can be safely be released from prison and suggest an alternative way of approaching risk and release from prison for those serving the longest sentences. i will be attending.
katherione Gleeson

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