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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I am an IPP hostage. Self-inflicted deaths. Event . Petition

and have been in prison for 12 years – my sentence was 2 years, 10 months and 10 days. I was 22-years-old when I completed my first sentence plan. I was told that completing a sentence plan would lower my risk, but I have since found out that my risk can only be lowered after release.
I have now stopped doing anything for parole, as I have realised that there is no point. I know I am going to die in prison. I have self-harmed a lot and twice tried to kill myself because of the loss of hope. Even my dreams are no longer normal, I often dream about dying in prison. People say the new reforms will help, but I just see them as false hope.
JP I don’t know how you have managed to keep going for so long. If your still in that dump in Bullingdon then you really are thick skinned. IPP actually stands for INEXCUSABLE PERSISTENT PERSECUTION. Things are changing behind the scenes. I can only encourage you to keep going, if for no other reason to make them pay for your continued incarceration. So many IPP prisoners have taken their lives. The system is uncaring and unjust. It doesn’t care if you do. Its as if that’s what they want. So DON’T. You are being persecuted for being a PERCEIVED risk and its totally wrong. Write to every organization you can, tell them what’s it’s like to be persecuted in this way. The Church of England, The Queen, Your MP, Your prison governoR. The director of probation. Remember you are a victim of injustice. There is a campaign group out here which are doing everything they can to help you. Don’t give up please
This is so wrong!!!please please stay strong..I wish I could help you.The only criminals here are the Government/parole boards..They need to get there bloody acts together and fast!!! I’m lucky my son has a release date, it’s in 7yrs time but at least I know xxx

IPP prisoners are the test to see if prisons rehabilitate. ‘Rehabilitation Revolution’, pick a few prisoners who were going to go straight, and use them as examples. Does prison rehabilitate: what’s all the IPP prisoners still doing languishing in HM Human Warehouses if prison rehabilitates. IPP prisoners prove conclusively prison does not rehabilitate – period!


NEW REPORT: Self-inflicted deaths among female prisoners

      The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman has released a new report into self-inflicted deaths among female prisoners. The report was prompted by the recent dramatic and depressing rise in self-inflicted deaths and looks at 19 investigations between 2013 and 2016 of instances where women took their own lives. The report offers some areas of learning, focusing on improving suicide and self-harm prevention procedures, better assessment and management of risk, addressing mental health issues, combating bullying and ensuring timely emergency responses.
See the full report
 Event Tuesday 16th May 2017   register to attend.
This aims to look at the workings of the parole system in England and Wales. More people are serving indeterminate prison sentences in England and Wales than in the other 46 countries in the Council of Europe combined. Academics and criminal justice professionals will challenge the current system for deciding if someone can safely be released from prison and suggest an alternative way of approaching risk and release from prison for those serving the longest sentences. This is the latest event in the What if? series which is a partnerships between the Mannheim Centre at the LSE and the Howard League for Penal Reform.
Speakers: Nicola Padfield, Professor Nick
Chair: Dr Meredith



 Lack of of proper intervention  for dyslexua dyspraxia and other diffrebces can affect future Job prospects, and behaviour which can lead from school to prison.

"It may be that we have a particular suspicion that someone may be on the autism spectrum but have no officially diagnosis to confirm.

"That's why raising awareness of the condition is so important so we can deal with these individuals appropriately.Your story





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