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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Breaking News: IPP prisoners on Sky News.

James Ward, who was jailed for 10 months and is still in jail after 11 years
Thousands of prisoners are still being held on indeterminate sentences under a controversial scheme that was scrapped four years ago.  (IPP) was introduced in 2005 but was later scrapped after being described as a "stain" on the justice system.

James Ward was 19 years old when he was given a 10-month IPP sentence.He is still inside today. That's more than 11 years over his original tariff.James' family insist he has not been given a fair chance to prove he is no longer a danger to the public.

His sister April Ward told Sky News: "James had troubles - as in being a bit of a rogue - but he didn't struggle from any mental health issues.

"But, basically, down the line of not having hope, having no release date, being kept away from his family, what he witnesses in prison has took a toll on his mental health, and the fact that he will never be released has basically made him think, you know, should he even lead this life?"
In a letter sent to his family, James said he is losing hope of ever being released.
"I'm banged up in my cell, all that's in here is a bed, a cupboard, a toilet and a sink," he wrote.
"I'm going crazy, mum, and I've had enough of this place.

"I'm staying in the block where I am safe. I'll be glad to get Christmas out of the way so I can get on with parole.
"I've not got much hope though of them letting me out. I can't see why not."
Despite repeated attempts over the last decade, James has not been able to convince his Parole Board that he is safe to be released.

April said: "They've told James 'Just behave, do your courses, go back in front of parole and you'll be released', but James did all that, went back to the parole board and they said that he needed to do more courses and it's just a waste of money when he could be at home rebuilding his life.
"He shouldn't have been given an IPP sentence in the first place because his crime wasn't significant enough.

"When he does get to parole they say they need more courses for James to show he is no longer a danger but some of the courses are ridiculous and irrelevant for James.
"Substances courses for instance. James has never had a problem with any substances, so why would you waste his time?"

Marc Shuttleworth knows the anguish James and his family are suffering.
He was sentenced to two and a half years but ended up serving nearly seven under the same scheme.
He said: "You're in a highly volatile situation where there's not enough staff, there's not a lot of association.

"The time you do get (for) association, limited time out of cell, there's a lot of arguments, there's a lot of fights.
"There's a lot of things that shouldn't be happening and you're in the middle of that, trying to better your future and prove you're not a risk and you're stuck in the middle of it, stuck amongst it. How do you get out of that?"

The Imprisonment for Public Protection sentence was introduced in 2005.
It was designed for high risk criminals who had committed violent or sexual offences.
But the indeterminate sentence was abolished in 2012 following inappropriate over-usage.
More than 4,000 men and women are still incarcerated under IPP and, of these, 81% have already served their minimum term.

Almost half are five or more years over their sentence.
The prison system is already in crisis with striking officers, rising violence, radicalisation and the smuggling of drugs.

So the backlog of IPP inmates being held beyond their sentence joins a long list of demands the Ministry of Justice is having to tackle.
Andrew Neilson from the Howard League For Penal Reform is calling for urgent government action to help these inmates.

He told Sky News: "These prisoners should be priority for resources, in many prisons they're not.
"But, even if they are made priorities that actually takes resources away from other prisoners.
"And, I think more generally, it really symbolises the lack of hope that is in our jails at the moment. There is very little hope.

"They are very dangerous places and prisoners don't feel that there is very much in the way to help them change their lives, and anything, really, to offer redemption.
"That's really symbolised by the IPP prisoner who literally must try and prove that they are not dangerous but doesn't have the means to do so."

Justice Secretary Liz Truss has admitted there are "very serious issues" with the level of violence in UK prisons.

Ms Truss has met with the Prison Officers Association after thousands of officers were ordered by the High Court to return to work following a walkout on Tuesday.

They had been protesting about violence and "chronic staff shortages".
Ms Truss told Sky News that prisons needed to be safer but that plans to deal with the problem were working.

She claimed that half the additional officers needed in the UK's 10 most challenging prisons have already been recruited, as well as extra measures to clamp down on drug use.

More breaking News on  the IPP this week.

Green part lives are wasted behind bars as liz truss fail to act on ipp-sentences

Nick Hardwick: Reversing the tide of IPP sentencingWhat eeds to be done by government to bring the numbers down

Press Policy News  IPPs Pressure mounts on government to act on IPPs.  keep the pressure up!!!

What is the Guardian saying its Unjust ! Shame on you- this is know way to run a justice system.

Independent news
Ward’s sister April Ward told Sky News: "They've told James, 'Just behave, do your courses, go back in front of parole and you'll be released', but James did all that.

Law intitutes of criminology have said IPP sentencing, injustitice and dangerous politics

Appeal Fund is dedicated to assisting prisoners and their families by providing financial support at times of immediate need, such as food, clothing and medical treatment, transport costs, study materials, family reunion and physical and psychological rehabilitation after torture.
 A separate ‘Bursaries Fund’ helps former prisoners of conscience, largely in the UK, to convert their existing qualifications and rebuild their lives. Freephone 0800 404 8144
Freepost BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Sickening injustice of Kafkaesque conditions for release of IPP ...

Sky News link


Ford Agreed: there is little point keeping the anguish mainly to ourselves. We need to bombard the heartless, ignorant Truss until even she might use the powers she already has.
Picton There's lots going on with the ipp at the moment sent him all the news articles keep giving him the surport you do reminding him you all there the road to recovery will be a challenge but he will make it when he's home stay in the news love I've got an ipp prisoner my son I no were you are and wish you all the best but your case is the one that will win the battle for the ipp prisoners I think it's disgusting my heart goes out to u stay strong xxx
 Ward Thank you so much adele we fighting for them all not just james bloody hell it's ridiculous what is happening to them bout time they all came home not right on them or families .
The best and cheapest rehabilitation is to let them all home to their families. Spoken to james today an his passion and desperation for release is overwhelming just hope parole see this an let him come home to his family
 Inskip It's sad reading the responses to the article on MSN !! Some people have no clue or understanding of how wrongly this sentence was executed by the courts and how inhumane it is !!
Smith i am serving a ipp sentence, i receved a 16 month tarif im now heading 2 11 long years.
 i fink the fights gone now. iv finally given up.At least sum people havent forgot bout us ipps.  dats wat i feel like sayin 2 probation and parolboard i dont wanna do any more dat mean i dont wont 2 go home now
Cooke  My son is only 5 years into an IPP sentence so I know what you're going through .
Chaddock my brobrother got 1 year and 44 days he's coming up 11 years mate he come out in June they recalled him in July 3 weeks later on is bday he recalled now in a hostel no were near family they set ipps up to fail the parole probation creatures it's about time everybody got together and stormed in this House of Commons he's at the point were he said he don't want come out it's mental torture and needs to be stopped
Carter My husband received a 2 year 100 days IPP sentence he got out 7 month ago after serving 7 yearsWhat the government are doing is fuckin criminal, I'm a IPP prisoner, but I'm out now, I proper feel for who is still locked up, it's a joke , the government are very saying there won't be any l.P.Ps left locked up by 2020 ,wow and that makes it ok , if..
Smith  its really good knowing there are still fighting 4 us ipps.Thanks.
Carter Don't give.up Robbie your day will come people are fighting for IPP prisoners
 Smith maybe 1day... yea but how long can people keep fighting 4 me and all da other ipps just being stored in a huge human warehouse. no point holding my breath, even the staff on wing say we should all be home now. when id the nightmare going to finish. maybe 2017 get my parole.
 Page That poor man got ten months ipp and still inside done ten years what a fuck up i read his story got mh iss i just hope James that when the wipe this ipp and let the all out you sue them name and shame then bas...ds who have kept the poor man in soz for spelling m god b ap
Mccarthy A mean they can see the state the prisons are in, or do these ppl have no common sense, release ipps and all wrongly convicted Under joint enterprise, and hey flipping presto, the prisons will be less over crowded
Pettit Liz Truss is not even qualified to be in that position, At least Ken Clarke has some common-sense to see this for himself but unfortunately was removed.Pity as he may have been more willing to do more about this crazy crisis.
Mccarthy She's not got a clue, We are trying to get a meeting with her,
I hope u get urs without problems and I will pray for u too but have u read the new rules for Parole board it's good cos from next week they can release u without oral hearing they can just release on papers. Have a read of it.. It's on the group.I will pray each day... Until u r free. Yes even the staff say it but their is light at the end of the tunnel
I hope u do get a meeting with lis Truss she don't seem to know what she is doing .One of the article is well said at least ppl are now seeing what we been suffering for so long
Carter government are useless .
MccarthyNow the ipp is in the public limelight, Does anyone Agree it is time to have a protest, march and make it the biggest ?
Carter Katherine Gleeson my husband & myself would like to say what a fantastic thing you are doing for IPP prisoners well done keep it going.

Weeden So much admiration and respect for you katherine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done and continue to do.
Janet Boden
Question to Bob Neil: What pressure are the committee putting on the Government to address the injustice of the continued incarceration of the low/medium risk IPP prisoners who are not only over tariff but have been imprisoned way beyond the whole sentence that would have been given to someone committing a similar crime today? Will the committee be pressuring the Government to apply some compassion by enabling speedier release of these prisoners (and their families) from this... inhumane sentence? Will the committee be pressuring the Government to apply compassion and economic sense to addressing the unnecessary nightmare of a life license that hangs over those eventually released from prison?
His reply: Thank you, the JC is actively engaging with the Government on this issue at the moment. Please continue to follow our work, and we will update our followers on any progress made.

Umm That's the only reply he gave really annoys me that they don't have nothing to say back only that we are looking into it. It's so hard this journey my oh is an ipp but I really want him home now it's draining me out this prison system don't have a clue on the affect it has on dem and the family that are waiting for dem!...
Jamieson Catherine we will do the same go on hunger strike if our son gets nowhere.

McSherryChair of the justice committee Answering questions  now There taking the living piss.
Am i best in writing or phoning the p.p.c.s for changes to licence conditions and how do i pursue getting case back to court to challenge i.p.p at no cost for its inhumana and unjustfied hlinderances to ones life and wellbeing in the community?
Ginge pretty much all prisons in England and I'm sure the staff really don't want the inmates more pissed off than they are, it sucks but hopefully some change will follow

Nope, your right to appeal your sentence remains and there was a ruling regarding ipp sentences. The legal test for issuing an ipp had been incorrectly interpreted, that's why everyone who has been issued one needs to seek legal advice from a specialized solicitor, who has good knowledge and understanding of the ruling
 McSherry No solicotors want to take the case.... Justice is flawed and selective
 Jamieson Jez the judge said in our sons sentence no appeal on sentence or conviction every solicitor said they could not help unless we have a lot off money.
Mcdonagh New
My uncal is an ipp prisoner he's done just under 12 years on a 2 year tariff on a visit today we asked about his parole hearing he said as far as he knows he hasn't got the date yet as the solicitors haven't been in contact with him in quite a while. But he was called to court yesterday and refused to go, as he didn't know why he was being called to court. So asked me to ring his solicitors and find out what's going on. As you do I did ring them and ask why he was called to c...ourt and why haven't they contacted him.. they said they didn't know who he was and that they never represented him before . They said they have no files for his prison number or name. So now he's count has been adjourned till the end of the month and he has no clue of this and also no solicitor I had to ring his probation officer to find out about his court and parole hearing so i have to write to him to let him know the date of his court and his parole meeting dose! Does anyone on this group know any good solicitors who will take him on at such short notice??

Crosby It's such a cruel sentence to put on anyone. Everyone has a right to get an end day. It's like they are on Death Row. How can they expect people to get themselves sorted to sort their lives out when there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Surely, everyone is humanly entitled to that x
Turnbull You can't cherry pick. The sentence is barbaric. .
Foster. I no that but it will look better in the media if people with more serious crimes then others step back and let them give there story it doesn't look good ppl telling there story were it involves a serious crime because the public are to quick to judge I just think it's better if minor crimes speak up this time .We got to get the public on our side to put more pressure on government  can't believe Liz truss never mentioned ipps in her reform makes me so angry .
Umm  Liz truss don't care hun Its sad though .

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