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Friday, 4 November 2016

sky news looking for family who can speak about there experience and the book by Michael O'Brien Prisoner's in Limbo IPP Sentences an International Award Winning Author of The Death of Justice and Prisons

Dear Katherine,
 Im producer at Sky News i am putting a package together that highlights how many people are still serving IPPs. looking for family who could speak to them about their experience? Maybe someone whose son or daughter was given an IPP sentence despite being quite young/this may have been their first prison sentence.
Can those interested contact  my Email . Im away tomorrow 5th November until 9th November therefore i will pick up all your emails short after.





Robinson 12AM
I. Do have a bit of good news today I found out a friend got his parole and he's going home, I was told that he refused cat d and they have granted him strait release, he's done 10yrs off a 3tarriff. Buzzing for him, he's going home to his family and friends

Fantastic news. Let's hope they do it for all the other ipp prisoners. Let their families have some peace of mind and stress free happiness xxxx

Lynn Crosby You are a Very Special Lady Katherine Gleeson. Sending Big Thank You and loads of love xxxx

This Liz truss hasn't got a clue when it comes to prisons, one thing I wanna say is I know a lot of ppl in prison and they don't have a phone in prison for criminal activities, they have them because they want to keep intouch with families and friends, they get locked up at 5pm 6pm 7pm these are the times when most families get back from their jobs and day to day things, just because the person is in jail doesn't mean that all their family and friends are criminals, also the ...prisoner doesn't get paid enough and the price of the prison phone is a joke. if this Liz thinks that tackling these little things will change then she's stupid. The prisons are full and things like courses don't work. She won't change shit and the doors will be open, the government want you all the believe that reform works and they will try things like stopping drugs drones and phones in the jails. what a joke she Is. But if you all want to believe in the governments shit then you carry on but they will never really make big changes as they need us to commit crime as it keeps many in jobs. Don't you think its a joke that governors get paid more in one year where it will take you and me more than 3 plus years to make what he or she does. I think there is around 126 jails in the uk but there is more than 1000 governors. They will never get rid of the ipp sentence as I said in the past to do so would mean that they need to get rid of the 100 plus staff that work at the parole office in London and not to mention that the retired judges and others that work for the parole board, giving them purpose to get up in the morning. If I was to live for another hundred years I bet this kind of shit would be happening. Same shit different day. It will never change

 Brackenbury Nailed it!! 👏
Abbott Spot on. x

 Mayes well sed xx

Jayne Well said total disgrace

Mccourt I think she is arrogant and deluded and reform is the last thing on her mind . She doesnt listen and i cant see any progress for ipps being made with her in charge . Sadly its going to be a long battle
 Brackenbury It's a pay packet to her.. And the rest of them! Our loved ones are what keeps them in a job, unfortunately it's that simple, she can sleep at night coz one of them int one of hers, it's called ignorance!
Carole Mcluckie I've been on this ipp journey for 10 my son was sentenced to 3 an half yrs bk in 2007 these courses do NOT prove that anyone of these ppl have changed I do not believe in anything these say about how their here to try an make anything better or different for our loved ones John I totally agree wit u on all that u have said xx hope ur ok
 Barker Well said !
 Barker Our loved ones are warehouse house recipients to the government ... slave labour ... springs to mind !!

 Umm  Robinson... You said it exactly how it is they don't care about our loved ones at all they don't give no shit cos if they really do care they would have done a lot more about it.. I don't trust anyone in government they only care about their wages... And the prisons get paid way more for keeping an IPP Prisoners then a normal prisoner... It's evil...  really shocking.. How they get treated... And also like u was saying about the mobile's inside I also agree with u about this... 💯💯💯.....I don't blame them they miss their families and friends and partners they only do it cos of that reason and they get lonely... It's nothing to do with criminal acts and the prison phones are so expensive and their wages are a joke like 2-4 a day... So well said...

 Page There should be no ipp prisons in prison if you done you time then you should be let out .


The book - Prisoner's in Limbo IPP Sentences

By Michael O'Brien is an International Award Winning Author of The Death of Justice and Prisons Exposed.

He spent eleven years and 43 days in Prison for A crime he did not do. Michael was exonerated in 2000. Michael is now a Motivational Speaker and gives talks about the Criminal justice system and other topics of interest.
In 2005 after much outcry from the public and media outlets in relation to serious crime, the government decided to get tough on Law and Order and brought in the introduction of Imprisonment for the Public Protection to tackle serious crime which included sexual and other violent offences. However, many more offenders were caught up in this new act and it was called IPP sentences for short. Many onlookers within the criminal justice system saw similarities with life sentenced prisoners who had to show they were no risk to the public before they could be released. IPP sentenced prisoners now had to follow the same criteria before they could even be considered for release. It was down to the parole board to decide if they were a risk of offending or not. In theory, the only difference between a life sentenced prisoner and one who has been given a IPP sentence is the tariff for a life sentenced prisoner is higher than the tariff given to IPP prisoners by the judge and if for instance they are both granted Parole at a later date the IPP prisoners after 10 years can apply to have the licence removed from his file where the life sentenced prisoner cannot do this and remains on parole for the rest of his natural life. Many prisoners on IPP sentences have had relatively low tariffs some as low as two years however, very few prisoners have actually been released on their actual tariff date and quite a high number of them have done double the recommended tariff sentence set by the judge. Many families I have spoken to have called IPP sentences a life sentence through the back door and in this book, we will be talking to the families of those who have been affected by these IPP sentences and what it actually means to them and how it affected them. This book will highlight cases to show how the IPP sentences work, and how unjust this sentence is. One interesting point to note is the fact that many offenders sentenced to IPP have done longer sentences than many sex offenders and paedophiles which the Act was originally designed for. Is this an injustice? This book is dedicated to the memory of the 16 Prisoners who sadly took their own lives whilst serving a IPP sentence god bless them all.





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