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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Elfyn Llwyd MP is leading the debate to abolish Tthe Ipp from those serving it, but he needs the names of your MP that support you in your campaign or is willing too.

Shirley Debono.
I am pleased to tell you have I received email from MP Elfyn Llwyd who has confirmed he will lead the debate to abolish IPP from those serving it, however he needs the names your MP that support, you in your ,

can you give these names asap, thankyou
Re:- If your MP is supporting you can you forward his/her name to me, for those that not sure about whether their MP supports or not give them a ring or go see them, get their views and support, the more MPs behind Elfyn Llwyd will make a difference. If possible can we have all the names by 3rd January or as soon as possible .

Thank you.
KATHERINE GLEESON "IPP "Petition.Thank you for your support.

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