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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Prison Protest continue for inmates 'stuck in the system'

 Prisoner stages rooftop protest on behalf of  inmates 'stuck in the system' .

The inmate at HMP Rochester was even able to arrange for a statement to be sent out to the outside world

 before climbing onto the prison roof on Monday 30 January. He gave his name as Ricky Aucott, 27, who was sentenced in 2012 to five and a half years in prison for robbery and assault. He was released in 2015 but sent back to jail for breach of license conditions.

A statement understood to have been written by the inmate, and passed to IBTimes UK, said: "This is just for me and the lads who are stuck in the system, where it's a one-sided game – where it's their game and no-one else's.
"So I'm off on the roof with a few banners and im going to get my point across.

He also accussed the parole board of having F*****me up", adding that "the staff are lying about my record" – a comment thought to be a reference to a recent parole hearing.

HMP Rochester, a medium-sized category C training prison holding about 740 adult and young adult prisoners, has been criticised in the past for a breakdown in security.
The latest inspection,  uncovered levels of violence and safety  so high dozens of prisoners were shutting themselves in their cells through fear of being attacked.

levels of self-harm were also said to be rampant, while inmates also suffered filthy conditions in cells and lacked access to basic items.

A Prison Service spokesperson said of Monday's incident: "A prisoner at HMP Rochester gained access to a building roof for a short period of time on Monday 30 January.

We have a  Legitimate protest

Recently there has been a lot of media hype around what they refer to as ‘prison riots’. However, I take issue with the term ‘riot’ as this is sensationalising, criminalising and detracting from what are legitimate ‘protests’.

 a protest by prisoners against behalf  inmates 'stuck in the system'overcrowded, unhygienic, unsafe and unlawful conditions.
At the centre of this hype we have seen various representatives of NOMS and the POA rattling out their usual rhetoric to the media. Prisoners in general need to air their views, use Inside Time, write to the national press and use social media.

Far too often prisoners have no say and only one side gets heard.
Under PSI 37/2010 Prisoners Access to the Media, and Hirst v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2002] EWHC 602 – prisoners have the right to contact the media whenever his/her purpose is to comment on a matter of legitimate public interest. No voice should be left unheard.




Hi I' i have a  family member 4 years over Tarrif on I.P.P with no release date in sight. He is a Model prisoner. I know u don't need me for the thing ur doing but just wanted to say how much I.p.p. Is a disgusting sentence and completely ruins someone's life. All I.p.p prisoners should be "reviewed and let out if over tariff and a well behaved prisoner who is fully reformed and done ten years of counseling and courses yet they keep changing parole dates.  Wanna send him to a hostel in the area tho all his family have moved away to  so the only people he will know  there is the the ones he  associated with so they're also setting him up for failure.

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