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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Thank you for writing in with your comments on the IPP sentance


Last Name:  Jez         
Hi Katherine, 

Hope your doing ok. My friend has had her parole hearing deferred for a second time for the same reason. Outside probation haven't done a risk assessment. Poor girl is pulling her hair out.

I really don't see how people cope on this IPP. Persecution is the only word that fits the description of what they are going through.

It appears that probation aren't willing to commit to taking these people on and are using stalling tactics., causing the subject and their family yet me stress and anxiety 😢 Katherine, you are a tower of strength to so many. Where you get all the energy to do so much is beyond me. You are a princess in a world full of dragons.



Hi Jez, it saddens as I am hearing this across the board from  families moreover  hundreds of inmates  stating the same in there letters, Something must be done, as it is oversight of a bigger problem.

Last Name:  
Hi i am on a ipp sentence and will have been out for 3 years on the 17th of February. The main issue I face today is actually the uneducated probation officers I face weekly on the outside. In my eyes I got treated better and for fairly on the inside and received greater support on the inside than I do today. Now I have been homeless for nearly 6 months with very little to no support from a service that I'm supposed to on release. Like I said above my offender manager doesn't even understand the sentence I'm on, or the licence. Every time I manage to find work they want the details so they can confirm the job which I then lose because of them doing so. I've received no rehabilitation from them and do everything I can in life to move on from this way of life with no change in the way I am treated by them. The last 6 months have been by far some of the hardest months I've had to live but I still have not gone back to the way of life  that got me this sentence in the first place.
My question is after jumping through all the hurdles to get released and all the hurdles since being released why aren't I being treated any different from the day I got released. I was 15 when I got this sentence and now I'm coming up 24 and the only change in my life is the changes I have made to my attitude and my behaviour with very little help from the system.
He now how am I expected to move onto a different path of life in general when services such as probation constantly drag me back down to where I was to begin with. Every week when I leave that building is anger and content to a system that has continually failed me since I was 8 years old. Some advice would be much appreciated as to be honest jail was easy compared to the problemsender I facING at the moment. Thanks


Thank you for writing in joe . i am sorry to hear of your situation, did you not get a  social worker?
It is clear to me that probation and the social services have let you down ,  you should not be on the  streets.
I would go and seek support in these areas: Council and social services and if  probation has broken down then i would  phone the  prison & probation Ombudsman for further advice on your situation.
It is clear to me that probation and the social services have let you down and you should not be on the  streets. I would go and seek help from council and social services  if probation has broken down then phone the  prison & probation Ombudsman for further advice.

Probation is a huge problem and I brought issues up at the meeting with  Nick Hardwick. He stated he would make a lot of changes in this area.  I want to see these changes more transparent .
Still it is  made very difficult  for many to access services additionally when they keep changing the officers and more difficult if you get an officer that picks on you and makes life impossible. Red tape which does not make it easy to complain, a good reason why they are in failing.
From time to time there is a probation officer who is not doing his job. If you find yourself facing a probation officer who is not doing what he is supposed to do, you need to understand what steps to take to deal with your situation.

Prepare Complaint

Many probation offices provide a person wanting to lodge a complaint with a standardized form to use. So before you do anything about the probation officer who isn't doing his job, ask your probation office if there is such a document.
if no such document is available--prepare a detailed report or complaint show why you feel the probation officer is not doing her job. Do not merely make opinionated statements; instead, list specific facts that support your contention that the probation officer is not doing her job.
Attach any supporting documentation to the complaint to support the specific facts you list. If there are witnesses, get basic statements from them to include with your complaint.
Do not lodge a complaint over the phone.
You report the problem to the immediate supervisor. If no action is taken, then you could go to the supervisor's .

Report to Supervisor

Schedule an in-person meeting with the probation officer's supervisor.
Through a face-to-face meeting, you are better able to present more fully the information concerning the shortcomings of the probation officer's performance. The supervisor will also able to ask you specific questions and clarify points that may confuse her.

The prison and probation Ombudsman

They  can investigate issues about the way you have been treated. This includes decisions and actions (including failures or refusals to act) relating to the management, supervision, care and treatment of those people listed below. You should always complain directly to the provider of the service in the first instance to try to get the problem resolved.
If your complaint is not resolved or you are not happy with the way your complaint is dealt with, then you can submit your complaint to them.

They may be able to look at your complaint if you are:

  • a prisoner serving a prison sentence (including both public and privately run prisons)
  • a prisoner on remand
  • a young person held in a secure training centre or YOI
  • a detainee held in an immigration removal centre
  • under supervision by the probation services (including Community Rehabilitation Companies)
  • living in a probation approved premises
  • complaining about escorts to or from these establishments
  • recently released and complaining about a problem that occurred while you were detained.


Last Name:  Jez         

Dear Katherine,

Well, fwiw, BBC and 38D are all part of distracting people to an early, very boring demise. More worthy talk. Manipulated truth. No action.
Why play the establishment game ?  Ask yourself why you should trust people (who are also oblivious to how they themselves are being exploited by the money men who actually call the shots in the UK) ! !

Suggest (hard to find) sensible, 200% sincere human rights lawyer - pro bono - head for the European Court. Phillip Sands QC a good place to start (but poss too much of a celebrity by now ! ! Ditto Mansfield. Ditto Helena Kennedy.) 
Pressure on “Liberty”, are they really doing what it says on the tin ? !
For me, not playing the game means directly approaching ECHR. Not being drawn into the mindless and intentionally wearying ‘globally envied’ UK only-for-the-rich system.

I would also be looking at a very satirical but totally shaming campaign (belonging to you not 38D not BBC) via  ‘twatter’ and ‘arsebook’. 
Use the enemy to metaphorically squash itself ?

(Reality. We’re governed by the morally corrupt (Bentham ?) who think revenge/ignoring poverty and blindness to mental health buys votes and gives them highly paid jobs; an excuse for a nation poorly served by a mostly supine, complacent judiciary. Reflect on the metaphor of  “Les Miserables" ?)

Otherwise, best of luck going round in circles with most UK media who, in fact, are a major part of the problem. And only as independent as they want you to believe.
Also, dare I say, what about the toll suffered personally by you ?  How will BBC help you with that ?

A tiny glimmer of hope for you. Action is better than talk.
p.s. 38D, in fact, far more concerned about pet hamsters and food additives than they are about achieving a truly fair, democratic system ! ! !
Yes. Please take care of the toll on you (costs and ‘notional’ costs/stress built in to the ‘system’ to deter change for the good of course ! The patriarchy never wants to be shown to be wrong ! !).
(a) Suggest direct approach by (old fashioned) letter. e.g. Phillip Sands or even Michael Zander (legal academics) may invite students to have a look for you.Does require ‘robust’; also rattling cages. 
Beware of empty promises, weasel words. . . .  my (similar) interest area (parental alienation - stockholm - bullying of children by a parent - institutional incompetence)
. . . . very senior writer/journalist; also another academic,  “yes yes yes ! ! “  .  (Read Kafka; The Tria if you haven't already.)Often ‘establishment’ individuals are frightened to go against the system. The repercussions on their ‘legacy’ ! ! ! 

(b) Psychology/philosophy; The Prince. . . . . subtle, masked shaming of the ‘great-talkers-yet-‘do-nothings’. Shame into helping. Would be very helpful to harness the power certain individuals still possess. Names to think about ?   Starmer. Stephen Sedley. Ken Clark. Carlile/Berriew (poss too grand too status quo ?)
Asking people to put ‘money’ where mouth is. . . . deeds not words. ‘Diagonal’ often better than ‘head-on’.

(c) Sometimes ‘jurisprudence’ (because an monolithic, mindless system for bureaucrats rather than victims) practicalities mean ‘guerrilla’ shaming/irony via fb or twatter. More or less ‘cost-free’.   e.g. Planning my current shaming by posting video say on fb then tweet the link naming the offender (here, NZP and politicians.
Turning oneself into what Private Eye (Paul Foot) used to do when outing crooks and unfairness.

What does it say about the UK ?  When Gove, stooge formerly in charge of MOJ is portrayed as a floating turd wearing specs in a gurniad cartoon (Trump in the swamp) ! !
Most important of all is that you are not consumed by it (see Kafka).

Sincerely and best of luck,  
Sincerely,    TJ


Thank you TJ, I appreciate you writing to me. I will welcome any other correspondence or support you can add to the site. 
I have previously advertised for human rights lawyer -pro bono - but nothing. However their is  know harm in asking again .
I have felt like putting up my sleepers because I do feel like I am taking one step forward and one step,  Liz Truss  comes to mind.

My daughter was given 4 years IPP when she was 17 she is still in prison and she's 26 

Was min 4 years on ipp been in 6yrs,it was street Robbery no violence used, he was 19 and is 25.he went before the board and again was turned down because he refused to do the same courses that he's already done twice now, was a stupid teenager when he went in now he's a ruined man

S. Bay
I am a mother of an ipp prisoner, who has been in prison for 10 years from the age of 15
Iam a released IPP prisoner serving my sentence in the community on Parole, I served just over 9 years on a 2.5 year tariff



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