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Tuesday, 13 September 2016



I want to tell my sons story he is 36 years old and received an IPP in July 2007 for wounding with intent . The victim had 2 stitches and managed to go on holiday the next day . The victim was a drug dealer who had been trying to sell drugs in the pub i ran at the time , and my son was trying to defend me . Im not minimising the crime in any way it did warrant a custodial sentence .Between 2007 and 2010 my son worked really hard on his offending behaviour . He won awards for his work and at his first parole got recommended to open prison. HE was sent to North Sea Camp in Boston Lincs . There he has been subjected to some of the most appalling abuse simply because a governor there just didnt like him . They have told lies removed him 3 times for made up allegations and they have cruelly and with malice held up any progress he could have made .The last time a year ago they assaulted him bend him up in a nasty restraint and my son tried to defend himself but there was 12 of them in a small room . 3 weeks later they charged him with abh and gbh on officers . my sons mental health has deteriorated so much , he has been depressed anxious and angry at the injustice of it all. they said the cameras were not working , they lost all the photos of his injuries , and they lied their heads off in court covering up for each other . But my son gave evidence on Thursday and it was harrowing to listen to , he told the jury what life as an IPP is really like I was so proud of him . Today after a year of worry and stress that has left my family and my son exhausted a Jury found my son "not guilty on all counts" . I cant tell you how relieved we all are . It has exposed the prison officers and highlighted the abuse and suffering they go through every day .Its a small victory for IPPs but an important one and I wanted to share it with you all . I wasn't active before because   feared government
would use my sons case against us , but i will be very active from now on starting with a letter to liz asking for an inquiry into north sea camp and its treatment of our loved ones . If anyone has any advice for anything else i should do please let me know , Many thanks


My son who is ipp as served 11 years now his parole was supposed to be today they said with the back log he as to wait another 6 months he rang me with a shack y voice of disappointment I really don't know how long he can keep it together I will be ringing my mp first thing in the morning it's cruel what they are doing to these prisoners OMG I'M FUMING

Dj Begley

My friend Chambers is in Swansea prison. Supposed to have served 7 years he's done 20 years. He's now been inside for another 9 months for having a disagreement with his probation officer. I can't remember his first name or number but he is on C Wing. He recently got taken ill and I promised him I would fight for his freedom. I share what I can but I'm not on social media as I was a political prisoner against the government. If it's at all possible please please can you or someone contact Chambers and let him know that there are people out here trying to get him out. He's pretty angry at the system for taking away his youth and his life and sick of courses. It would give him hope and stop him feeling forgotten. Too many have taken their lives.
You're an amazing person. Thank you x


Ipp's luckily haven't effected me personally and to be honest I had never heard of them until watching #insideout this evening. I am so shocked and stunned that there are people still in prison 10yrs + after given a shorter sentence. There are people in prison who have committed much more serious crimes and served less. I hope the government acts soon on this terrible injustice of these people #overcrowdedprisions

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