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Sunday, 28 August 2016

IPP New Documentary we believe that there is not anough representation about the issue,we want to follow you the moment you are released. my contact details enclosed.


I have a good experience in directing, filming and editing promo videos. I worked for individuals, institutions, such as the University College London (UCL) and the UK Office of the European Parliament, as well as companies like Men's Health, Women's Health and Ferrari. Whatever is your message, I can deliver it in an efficient and compelling way!

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2016, Samuel L Jackson #BadAssHealth Advice (Produced by: Big Hair Films)
2016-Series of 4 Cancer Awareness Videos Role: Editor
2016, Men's Health: The Beach Body Club (Produced by: Big Hair Films)
2016-Series of 10 Promo Videos – Role: Editor
2016, Women's Health/Men's Health with Slendertone (Produced by: Big Hair Films)
2016-Series of 8 Promo Videos - Role: Editor
2016, Ferrari Ice Driving (Produced by: Big Hair Films)
2016-Promo Video - Role: Editor
2016, Poshida: Hidden LGBT Pakistan (Directed by: Faizan F.)
2016-Documentary, Role: Editor
2015, Men's Health Transformation Club (Produced by Big Hair Films)
2015-Series of 12 Promo Videos - Role: Editor
2015, UK Office of the European Parliament: The 2015 Sakharov Prize
2015-Event Video - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2015, UCL In Search of Europe 2015/2016
2015-Series of 2 Promo Videos - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2015, The Village Haberdashery - Seeking Investment Via Crowdcube (Produced by: Big Hair Films)
2015-Promo Video - Role: Editor
2015, Amnesty London Conference 2015 (Directed by Louise Orton)
2015-Event Video - Role: Editor
2015, Introducing the UCL Engineering Exchange
2015-Promo Video - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2015, Islington and Hackney Amnesty Group: Open to Syria (Directed by Louise Orton)
2015-Event Video, Role: Editor
2015, Luxury Italian Villa
2015-Promotional Video - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2015, Mārtiņš Baumanis: Live Concert
2015-Event Video - Role: Videographer/Editor
2015, Britain and the European Convention on Human Rights
2015-Interviews - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2015, How to Become a #FailedIntellectual - a Conversation with Eric Jarosinski
2015-Lecture - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2015, UCL Britain & Europe: the Ambassador of Ireland to the UK
2015-Lecture and Interview - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2014, UK Office of the European Parliament: The 2014 Sakharov Prize
2014-Event Video - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2014, UCL In Search of Europe 2014/2015
2014-Series of 4 Promo Videos - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2014, UCL Demolition or Refurbishment of Social Housing?
2014-Series of 4 Educational Videos - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2014, UCL Grand Challenges
2014-Promo Video - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2014, The Gypsy Queens - Do You Saint Tropez? (Produced by: Uzong Films)
2014-Music Video - Role: Editor Assistant
2014, Barnaby's Pipes (Directed by: Graham Riach)
2014-Documentary - Role: Assistant Camera
2014, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 4 Minutes (Produced by: Roast Beef Productions)
2014-Charity Promo - Role: Assistant Camera
2014, Struggle for Existence
2014-Documentary - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2013, We Were Good People
2013-Documentary - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor
2013, Shouting Tierra
2013-Documentary - Role: Director/Videographer/Editor

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