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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Our campaign got mentioned in a major newspaper this week!

IPP families march on Parliament

IPP Families march on parliament
4,000 IPP prisoners remain in ‘overcrowded slum’ prisons as the Parole Board is too afraid to order release says former Justice Secretary Ken Clarke
Just days after over 200 friends and families of IPP prisoners marched on Parliament to lobby for the release of their loved ones, former Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said it was ‘absurd’ that 80% of prisoners serving IPP sentences were way beyond their original tariffs and called for the Parole Board to have more power to free them.
The friends and families of IPP prisoners gathered outside the Houses of Parliament to demonstrate against what they say is a hugely unfair and inhumane sentence, and to lobby their MPs. They came from all parts of the country; England, Wales and even Scotland with a sense of real anger about how their partners, brothers, sons and fathers were being treated and ranged from mums with young children to elderly people, some needing assistance.
The sentence was the brainchild of former Labour Justice Minister David Blunkett, who has since apologised for introducing the sentence in 2003, which often gave a prisoner a short tariff but made it incumbent upon them to prove they were no longer a risk before being released.

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