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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ipp prisoners, for some of those stuck in that system the uncertainty becomes too much, 16 IPP deaths in just over 3 years, something needs to be done urgent! We need every Organisations to help, read injutice, write justice!

Last year the number of IPPs reported as self-harming was equivalent to 42 percent of the total IPP population. Some go further. Recently VICE News found that since the sentences were abolished in 2012, at least 16 IPP prisoners have killed themselves while in jail. IPP prisoners are now more likely to die by suicide than prisoners with fixed release dates.

There were a total of 250 deaths in 201...4–15, 11 (5%) more than the year before. The increase was predominantly among adult male prisoners.

Six people a week recallIn some cases it was found IPP prisoners being recalled for minor infractions of their probation terms. One man received an IPP sentence after being charged with sexual assault for grabbing a woman's behind in the line at the post office. After he was released he was recalled to prison after returning one night to his hostel drunk. He stayed in jail for a further 17 months until he could finally see the Parole Board and was released again.

4,614 people are held on the now abolished indeterminate IPP sentences, of whom 3,532 (77 per cent) have passed their tariff expiry date…/Prison%20the%20facts%…
Vice news on the IPP:

David Blunkett's Criminal Justice Act That allowed prisonersto be detained indefinitely requiring judges to pass life sentences on low-level offenders. The first was that offences did not have to be veryserious to trigger an IPP. "run-of-the-mill" crimes such as burglary, robbery or arson.
Offenders would serve the period they would be expecting for an offence two or three years on average, but sometimes much less – and then find themselves still in prison with little
prospect of release.
 If anything, that makes things worse for prisoners stillserving IPPs. If they had been sentenced after December 2012, when theprovisions were repealed, they could look forward to serving their time and
being released. The same would apply if they had been convicted before April
2005, when section 225 of the 2003 Act came into effect.we need to put an end  to this injustice and it is  now time he opens up to humanity.
We need more of your support, organisation  Tv  etc......

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