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Monday, 14 December 2015

Lord Chief to hear 13 IPP cases together to give a consistent approach to the older cases. 8 December 2015 with Baker J and McGowan J.

Michael Gove is reviewing the position of thousands of prisoners who are still in jail despite having served the minimum jail term laid down by the courts, The Times can reveal.

The inmates are caught in a Kafkaesque situation in which they remain behind bars because they cannot prove to the Parole Board that they are no longer a risk to the public.

One prisoner is in jail ten years after he was given an indeterminate sentence for stealing a phone, with a recommendation that he serve a minimum term of 12 months.

Janet Boden. The important bit from this article ...."There is one piece of news. On 10 December 2015, in the Court of Appeal, the Lord Chief Justice will hear about a dozen beyond-tariff IPP cases. I am involved in one of the cases and I understand that all the defendants are challenging the imposition of IPP rather than detention beyond the end of the tariff. Normally when a series of cases are linked together this is because the Lord Chief Justice wants to issue new guidance."


OFFENDERS MAGEMENTS Statistics Bulletin covers the prison population as at 30 June 2015 and the probation .... first time more than three quarters of IPP prisoners are now post-tariff. ... Statistics publications on the Criminal Justice System in the Ministry of justice.

The times IPP:

Robert Banks receives letters from prisoners asking for advice. from those who have received unlawful sentences. Each one is answered and a selection of answers are published in Inside Time, the prisoner's newspaper.
The prisoners whose letters are published consent to the replies being published. However, no details which would identify the prisoner are given.
Only letters sent via a solicitor can be answered. Letters sent direct will be returned. Serving should send their letters to Inside Time, who will send it to a solicitor.

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