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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Im a journalist Im looking to do an in depth article about the IPP sentance..

My name is Charlotte,. I met with a journalist friend of mine, Steve Boggan who wrote for The Independent years ago and now writes for The Times, Telegraph etc. He is looking to do an in depth article about the IPP  Sentence and those who are in prison over tariff, having been given short minimum terms to serve, based on the fact that their Index Offence would only have attracted a relatively... short determinate sentence, for an offence where no violence against the person took place! He will give me full editorial control over the piece and wants to find one or two families, and prisoners serving their sentence,who are happy to go public on this. I need to hear from men/women who are post tariff, completed all courses and with no custodial behavioural problems/adjudications or absconds. Please PM me if you are interested! For the record, I trust Steve to do a fair job, he protected my interests some years ago when I was involved in a negative press campaign against me!! if anyone is interested and has these circumstances please let me know ill pass your details to him x
 Steve Boggan Facebook

 Alternatively Contact Charlotte Gibson

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