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Friday, 9 October 2015



Daniel was sentenced to an IPP for a crime he committed in 2005 aged 20.  He was given a 2- 1/2 year tariff, meaning he had to serve 2 half years before he could apply for parole. He has  served 10 years  -  7- 1/2 years over his sentence to no fault of his own,  now 30 years old. The IPP was abolished in 2012  but delays in releasing the  prisoners  means  thousands  of prisoners who may have received  2 years …sentence remain through no fault of their own and who have not been given any release date and are unaffected by the recent legislation. They have  "served there sentence" they want to come home.

The government agency's  have fallen  short of progress  we need your support to find  justice. IPP March  Monday! 12th of October at 12pm-3pm outside Ministry of Justice, 102 petty France, London, SW1H9AJ. Everyone is welcome!       

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