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Friday, 10 April 2015

Journalist Maeve McClenagham is working on some long-term research into IPP sentencing, and would like to hear from you.

Maeve McClenaghan   contacted us  particularly in light of cuts to prisons.A freelance journalist working on some long-term research into IPP sentencing  He said  I have collected a lot of new and interesting data on the subject but am not looking for the personal stories- the most important part of this whole tale.

He stated if someone you know has received an IPP sentence and is struggling to get released I'd love to talk to you- this can be off the record for now, I just want to get as much insight into ...this issue as possible. I am particularly interested in anyone charged with a fairly minor assault/ burglary or other non-violent crime (not that IPP is reasonable in any circumstance of course!)
If you're up for a quick, off the record chat, please do get in touch:
You can see examples of my previous work here:
Notice ! Regarding any journalist Always agree  some form of contract between both parties  on the final write up !

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