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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Jameson, independent consultant to the UK legal system and teacherWhy we need to know about dyslexia:

Research on offenders shows that around 20% have a hidden disability such as dyslexia

People with dyslexia (and related conditions) fare badly in the criminaljustice system for dyslexia-related reasons: Dyslexic fare very badly in the judicial system. Their hesitancy isinterpreted as guilt. They come across as evasive when they miss thepoint of the question, creating difficulties in court, but also at the initialcontact with police.3. Dyslexia is a huge barrier to justice. inconsistencies imply ‘untruthfulness’ and are interpreted as guilt failure to grasp the import of questions seems ‘evasive’

hesitancy suggests you are ‘unsure about your evidence’ a reaction to stress can be misinterpreted as ‘aggression’Breakdown of coping strategies gives an impression of completeincompetence

There are  Ipp's  prisoners with dyslexia  not allowed on the  courses that is required  as  as part of there sentance plan for release, because they have a hidden disability!!!!!


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